Reclaim the Healing Power of Pleasure

Have you become numb to your senses?

Have you ignored the signals of your body for too long?

Do you wonder why you can’t connect deeply with your partner?

In our hyper-masculine Western world, we desperately need to rediscover our bodies and recover our individual sense of home and self. Sabine created these workshops out of a passion for life and for love.
These courses are for men and women who want to:

  • Deeply explore their bodies’ true feminine and masculine presence
  • Heal and move beyond old habits of closure
  • Learn how to give and receive nurturing and deepen their touch and massage skills
  • Soften their bodies, open their hearts, and relax into Being instead of Doing
  • Gift their relationships and the world with their true essence
  • Attract a wonderful partner into their lives

Radiant Embodiment Workshops

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  • You can repeat any workshop for half price.
  • Before attending “Healing the Feminine Core,” please take one of the following workshops: “Healing, Trust and Aliveness,” “Heads, Hearts and Tails,” or “Body Communion.”
  • Sabine is available for private sessions for women, men, and couples when she is in town for a workshop. Contact Sabine to schedule.
  • If you would like to inquire about Sabine visiting your area, please contact Sabine directly.