Radiant Embodiment as Women in our true Power

“Surrender? Let go of my masculine force? Give up my Resistance??

That does not sound so ease or even safe.

As a woman you know how difficult, sometimes impossible, it is NOT to

engage your masculine tough side to get through your day. But when tightness and

focus have taken over your whole life they only eat up fun, pleasure, happiness

and your health. Nature’s secret is flexibility.

– When I can surrender I feel all of me relaxing and trusting myself. My curiosity

and my playfulness come back. I feel spontaneous and at ease. I am radiant –

Ease and flow are the true nature and spirit inside a woman’s body. Experiencing the

power of your real feminine allows you to trust life and let go.

This workshop will show you how to re-connect to your bodies feminine source power.

Now – you can blissfully surrender your unnatural and unhealthy tightness and your

stress – switch gears when life invites you.

This workshop will explore:

* Active Meditations, Dance and Movement to release tension and find the fun of being alive in a feminine body
* Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement Lessons®, especially designed to connect to the source of our true strength and opening in the pelvis, finding a new sense of our true Self and the Pleasure of Letting Go
* Breath and Sound Work to deepen the pleasurable experience of our body as a safe home, feeling our immediate presence, and experiencing the blissful surrender of our constriction
* Special SYMPHONIC TOUCH® sequences to physically experience gentle discharge of blocked energy, allowing our inner container to soften and to hold all paradox/polarity, clarify boundaries and allowing love in – and nothing less
* Dialoguing, Q&A on feminine radiance, pain and pleasure, sexuality and relationships
* Home play – how to allow our normal daily activities to easefully support the re-discovery of our Feminine Radiance

If you would like to have Sabine come to your area and offer this workshop to you and your friends, please contact Sabine.