Workshop for Women
Working with women for many years I have realized that only when we experience pelvic floor touch WITHOUT sexual energy will we be able to truly relax deeper than we have been used to. It will enable us to open previously unknown areas of our selves, to become whole, to be full and to feel at home in our own bodies.

We usually carry an enormous amount of tension, mostly unconscious, in our pelvic organs and pelvic floor muscles. These holding patterns are very often the cause for PMS, menstrual agony, sexual problems, emotional difficulties, and even pain and structural problems in other areas of our bodies.

Conscious, compassionate, listening touch releases these contractions, allowing relief on the most profound level, radiating out to every part of our body, to our perception, all senses, and thus our thinking and action.

Expanding on the other women’s workshops and THE BODY COMMUNION practices, together we will create the space for the cellularly felt clarity and trust that is the basis of Natural Feminine Radiance and Sexuality.

The Feldenkrais lessons will particularly address your awareness of your pelvic muscles, your hands and your ability to perceive and give even the most subtle of touches.

These workshops are not designed to teach sexual stimulation. Our main goal is heartfelt pleasure through awareness, relaxation and the deepening of our spiritual aliveness in our bodies.

You will learn how to just be there for another woman and listen with your hands and your whole body. Sabine will show you how to relax the pelvic floor tissue and without any ‘masculine’ need or goal to get somewhere or change anything. As the receiver you can experience how to reconnect safely and deeper with your whole pelvis.

Together we will be able to sink into a space of true depth and growing self trust so we are able to guide our intimate partners to first follow and later lead us into the divine realm of ever unfolding intimacy.

A prerequisite for this workshop is Healing, Trust and Aliveness or Heads, Hearts and Tails or Trust/Fear or Body Communion workshop.

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“Sabine’s work is profoundly releasing and freeing – allowing a woman to be who she really is.”
~ Kay Lynn Sherman, Psychologist
“Sabine lovingly and graciously created a space so sacred and beautiful that in no time we were opening to our deepest selves… I experienced the deepest healing ever at a cellular level. Sabine helped me to repattern old information and memories and transform them into something new, healthy and beautiful.”
~ Gabriella Morrison

“Sabine’s workshop was incredibly healing for my body and Soul. Sabine creates a safe and sacred space for authentic and profound healing to take place. It was also very nurturing. It did not brake down, it broke open!”

Debra Trachy

Life and Transition Coach