The Art of Moving with Trust in Spite of Fear
Workshop for Women and Men

My latest workshop, From Tension to Trust, The Art of Moving with Trust in Spite of Fear was inspired when I studied the conference brochure of the Omega Institute for NY City, April 2005 on, “Being Fear Less”.

It became vividly apparent to me that the conference and most of our western approach to healing fear and trauma is based on the investigation of fear through the mind, but every event in our lives involves the physical body. Fear is actually a physical experience on a cellular level. This has been my understanding after 26 years of evolving education and work in over 20 modalities of body-centered healing. My first hand knowledge is being scientifically supported by the leading edge psychosomatic psychology of Peter Levine and his ‘Somatic Experiencing’ (SE).

Fear causes a tensing of the body and the breath. Human ability to move our bodies consciously allows us to reconnect with the trust of being grounded and creating choices for responding, realizing the body is movement- fear is contraction. Fear is real and it is a rare art to feel connected to our body as the safe home which we can depend on to open our mind, stay sane, heal and move on.

From Tension to Trust workshop includes:

* Active Meditations, Dance and Movement to release tension and create new space for light to come inside
* Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement Lessons®, especially designed to connect to the source of our true sense of self in the pelvis, finding new choices of action
* Breath and Sound Work to deepen the pleasurable experience of our body as a safe home, feeling our immediate presence, and experiencing the blissful surrender of our contraction
* Symphonic Touch® sequences to physically experience our inner container softening to hold all paradox/polarity, clarify boundaries and open freely to love
* Exploring “embodied-feeling sensations-witness-consciousness”

Fear is experienced and stored as somatic memory. Fear is triggered easily through stress, which evolves into more tension and consequently more fear and stress – a vicious psycho/physiological cycle. Animals in the wild release tension naturally. Humans do not because of the complexity of the mind and/or we are told not to from infancy.

Awareness through Movement and our ability to become present in this moment, not through the mind but in the body, allows us to break the automatic fear response patterns. Especially designed breath and movement practices as well as Symphonic Touch®, my Integrative Movement Massage Process; can release the physical memory in the cell itself and create a container in the body that allows the individual to hold the polarities of fear and presence.

I have profoundly experienced the fact that our body is the source of our ability to trust in life and experience pleasure in spite of fear.

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