Workshop for Singles and Couples

In the Body Communion workshop, each person will have the opportunity to:

* Open beyond old or unconscious behavior patterns and explore new and more deeply heartful and pleasurable ways to relate to you partner through feeling and honoring the essence in your own body.
* Learn to give and receive a transformational Symphonic Touch® Body Session.
* As a woman find your pleasure and devotion, nurturing your partner and calling forth his divine being naturally through your whole body; drinking in your partners’ nurturing in return during in a special celebration.
* As a man perceive your body as the relaxed source of your masculine consciousness. Offer that wholehearted strength to your partner and receive the divine feminine healing through her gift of heartfelt touch.
* Feel an astonishing opening in each others ability to surrender to more sensitivity and availability to love with heightened body awareness and trust.
* Relax and surrender into nurturing arms, opening physical gateways for healing and allowing the free flow of one’s deepest heart’s yearning to give and receive fully.
* Create the Foundation for your Sexuality, your Passion and your embodied Spirit for fulfilling relationships

Body Communion is the experience of pleasurable oneness that arises when we open beyond verbal communication.

Every event in our lives is a physical experience. It is an art form in our world today to be able to sense and feel our body deeply. Only when we get out of our heads and allow our feeling and sensations to guide us we can attract or keep the fulfilling love relationship we so deeply desire.

This course offers COUPLES AND SINGLES the occasion to give and receive each other’s companionablel touch. Each one will experience their body as the source of pleasure and relaxation into trust in a beautiful safe and nurturing setting.

In this sacred space each person will have the opportunity to open beyond old or unconscious behavior and thought pattern and explore new and more deeply heartful ways to relate through the honoring of each other’s divine essence.

Our body is the source for the truth of our deepest feeling knowing intuition healing and the communication of our love.

With the heightened body awareness that we will explore, WOMEN can find the pleasure to give their natural radiance and honor their partner’s divine masculine naturally with their whole body. MEN can perceive their body as the source of relaxed masculine consciousness, offer their nurturing to their partner and receive the divine feminine through their partner’s gift of touch. BOTH may feel the often astonishing opening to more sensitivity and availability for a deeper life with their own passion and purpose.

Sacred sexual energy has its roots in our clear awareness of our body- selves and its physical and emotional experiences, as well as conscious feeling. Nurturing sensual touch and movement allow us to reconnect lovingly with all our bodily energies. The ability to relax and surrender into another ones arms opens physical gateways for healing of both giver and receiver and allows the free flow of our deepest hearts yearning to be fully given and to receive the freedom of love.

For previous attendees of Healing Trust and Aliveness, Heads Hearts and Tails and Healing the Feminine Core workshops, this course offers new SYMPHONIC TOUCH MOVEMENT MASSAGE SEQUENCES®.

* The course is for women and men who are also new to the Radiant Embodiment® approach to David Deida’s work on Women’s radiance and men’s presence – women and men who are following their deepest desire and expand their ability to love.
* The course also offers new possibilities of opening and fully embodying your true core through touch, expanding your repertoire for Symphonic Touch Sequences and practicing with male and/or female partners for women.
* Sabine has studied the Shakti Temple concept of igniting the divine in our partners in Australia with Danyse Cotty, the woman who originally created it. Sabine’s BODY COMMUNION workshop is offering her own extended version in this course.

Participants without an invited guest [male or female] will have the opportunity to work with another participant.

The Symphonic Touch Sequences will include giving and receiving: The Hero’s Healing – Angel’s Rest.

This Side Positions in the giver’s lap is probably the most nurturing of all Symphonic Touch Movement Massage Sequences. It will allow the giver to touch and hold the receivers whole body. This provides an[] amazingly safe and deeply intimate body contact for softening, relaxing, opening mind and opening heart. This experience of Body Communion within each one and in relation to the other, helps bring men and women alike out of our heads and into our feeling bodies so we all may feel pleasure again as the foundation for relaxing open to love.

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“This is the first workshop I’ve attended where transformation happened through joy and pleasure and not through crawling through the belly of the whale. Thank you for bringing delight to our relationship.”
~ Steve Norris, Leadership Consultant
“A safe place for couples [and singles] to open to new experiences. To expand their intimate selves, be supported and experiment safely, with beauty and sensuality”
~ Sophie Glikson, Boston