Embodying the Art of Feminine Pleasure
Workshop for Women

Ask yourself the questions: “Am I living my true feminine radiance? What is holding me back?”

I invite you to open yourself and connect with your deepest experience of your body as a whole. Learn blissful ways to relax into your natural feminine flow. Find your ability to surrender the tension in your core. Open your body to allow the free outpouring of your deepest heart and authentic expression.

We will focus on the relationship between your pelvis and jaw by:

* Utilizing sound, breath and movement to feel how more subtle vibrations bring balance and harmony to our bodies
* Learning various Symphonic Touch Movement Massage® Sequences, focusing on nurturing and creating a safe and sacred space inside our body
* Exploring the dynamic of spirals to create wholeness in our body
* Experiencing Feldenkrais Movement® to re-member our lower and upper body
* Reconnecting lovingly with our body’s sensitivity and with the source of our life/healing energy in the pelvis
* Experience connecting with your divine inside and out
* Dialoguing about feminine radiance, life, love, pain and pleasure, sexuality and relationships

This workshop counts as a prerequisite for the Healing the Feminine Core Workshop.

Sabine is available to give private sessions while in town, contact Sabine to schedule.

For available dates and locations, see Schedule

“After this weekend I am basking in the joy and radiance that is oozing out of me. Smiling more and feeling like a little girl who has no cares, yet at the same time, being a powerful woman doing the things that need to be done.”
~Natasha Cottingham, Somatic Body Worker
“Sabine’s gentle sacrum-opening moves, and interacting with her compassionate sharing/teaching regarding being comfortably functioning in a woman’s body in these times. She is a wonderful role model of being at once motherly, sexy, and looking to her own insides to be informed of what’s going on – Sabine is so helpful to me, and so inspiring. I’ve noticed after being with her for a weekend, that we each discover and let out more and more of our own flavor of The Divine Feminine (which of course, contains also, The Divine Masculine, without apology!)”
~Stevie Peacock, Artist