Recovering and Reconnecting the Real Feminine in your Body
Workshop for Women

This weekend will allow you to relax as the Love and openness that you already are into your unique flavor of being a woman– living from your feminine core.

All learning starts with our experience of touch, movement and sound in early childhood. To unlearn habitual closures and truly open, we need to re-create necessary preverbal, pleasurable, nurturing and fulfilling experiences.

In my specific work as a Physical Therapist over almost 10 years I have taught and touched hundreds of babies and adults. I have deeply experienced and still feel that pleasure is THE KEY to real learning in a human body. To be able to feel our body and emotions and to allow pleasure is essential for us as women. We have a natural ability to give that KEY to others without emptying our vessel when we can allow ourselves to live each moment with feeling our breath.

Healing Trust and Aliveness Workshop includes some of the following and more:

* Learning to give and receive simple but highly effective SYMPHONIC TOUCH, Movement Massage Sequences on the floor with lots of nurturing body contact, sometimes using oil
* Feldenkrais® Lessons, chosen to open and bring awareness to specific body areas and reconnect them to the whole body
* Ritual exploring and embracing emotions
* Dancing the endless colors of the feminine expression
* Individual sharing – questions and answers
* Learning how to move and hold our own and the receiver’s body gracefully, moving stuckness into flow
* Women’s practices, everyday ‘mood shifters’
* Experience connecting to your divine inside and out
* Breath work
* Pleasure homework

Questions about individual body pain or discomfort, sexuality and relationships will also be addressed.

This workshop counts as a prerequisite for the Healing the Feminine Core Workshop.

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“When I met Sabine at the workshop, I was immediately drawn to her work, it was so powerful to finally have a woman model radiant embodiment for me. I left this workshop feeling deeply connected to my own being.”
~Tracey Greene, MD
“The openness and abandonment, the feeling of freedom to lusciously enjoy life… incredible work, incredible role model…”
“To give ourselves and each other permission to open completely, ecstatically to the joy and radiance within ourselves and around ourselves everywhere is one of the most profound gifts possible. Thank You.”
~ Roni Marsh, Artist
“After years of trying to understand what it is to be feminine in the world, I finally get to be with a true living embodiment of it – Sabine! It is beyond words, and I can’t imagine a better way of knowing the true power and love that the feminine is than being in Sabine’s presence.”
~ Linda Weatherby, Mother
“I can feel what it must be to be embodied – at home in myself and my feminine spirit and body. There is such safety, love and comfort created by Sabine’s unconditional love to as deeply as I am willing to go.”
~ Taylor Kohn, Social Service Manager