A Woman is a Mystery…

Posted by admin on November 25th, 2009

736 words – about 4 min reading time

A Woman is a mystery – that can guide the wise and open Man – Rumi

A Womyn is a Mystery... Rumi Calendar 11.09

I believe feminine energy can slow us and our self-destruction down.

To ask you bluntly: How different do you think the world would be if our mind set on overdrive [masculine] could cool down enough to realize It has an amazingly real physical body? Female or Male, your really amazing and ever changing [feminine] body carries your mind around to experience our world more wholly.


Women and men develop the sort of masculine force that grows more exclusively when there is [or was] reason to for self protection. Most of us have been negatively affected by our immediate and/or larger world since we were conceived and collectively worldwide during at least the past 18 months. For most the future does not look so restful rosy either. Experiencing threat automatically gears up our mind to labor in high action mode. Self-preservation has us either drifting in numbness or act with anxiety and aggression. Driven by our alarmed survival instinct we tightly parade all our striped muscles to be ready for fight or flight or freeze at all times.

This is not living life. This is surviving it!


“Always look for the third possibility…”- I learned from Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais. http://www.feldenkraisguild.com/method/a_biography_of_moshe_feldenkrais/

Pleasure Pig looking outside the box 




 Let’s have a look!





As Saniel Bonder http://www.sanielandlinda.com/calls it: “The Hyper Masculine Dharma” is ruling our daily life. Aggression, violence and force are represented by 2 ½ times more brain cells in men’s heads. That is why in difficult times fear and stress are ruling.

But unfortunately not just in men. Women have learned to flex their masculine intensity pump very successfully; sometimes quiet domineeringly. Our [mental] world seems to turn faster and tighter, creating more pain and suffering each day. This fear of loosing control [masculine] takes over and does not let us go easily.

People look driven drained and hungry for real life.  

 Disgrunteled Pleasure Pig, San Francisco 09.09







Here is what I found – my third possibility.

Our global painfully intimate experience can also centrifuge us from twirling outwardly between our glooming past and uncertain future in-ward into this present moment where we notice our self and body here now. “Hey Buddy! Welcome! I miss you so much…!” – could be the first embrace when you begin to suspect your body and breath again.

“You are out of your mind!” the little controle goes off. 

Smile… With your body encounter come your feeling senses, your gut-feeling-wisdom, your soft-heartedness, your sure-footedness, your strong backbone and your true exhale of relief.
With awareness of your body comes your trust in the Life–Death–Life-Cycle[Women who run with the wolves- Clarissa Pincola Estes] each moment anew and cumulative.


To me it feels natural that mostly women are [re-]connecting with and expressing our spirit and souls em-bodiment. I wrote in Septembers’ BBB that in contrast to men women have their brains tuned more toward the art of connection and emotion. In contrast to the male principle our female brain centers and nervous system more readily obtain notions by perceiving physical experiences.


I certainly can not exclude myself from us women spinning all to easy in overdrive far too often and more and more and faster. So I was very surprised and thankful when just the other night my husband was the one who brought home a deeply relaxed and opening view to all of the tightening problems in my head… His Yoga class that night had been a rare two hours of restorative poses… aaaahhhhhhhh!!!


Reminding myself of this ‘whole’ other ‘half’ of my human [and not just easeful feminine] capacity to feel life’s events more wholly as invitations by including all physical senses I re-member my power to choose my experience. mmmmhhhh!


I am writing my book on the Recovery of Feminine Radiance because I know women have an easier access and connectedness to our body: The mystery that can guide the wise and open men… A Woman’s innate effortless flow and pleasurable softness as her body are also giving each one of us the challenge and the opportunity to invite our own radiant ease back in and to share our exquisitely fulfilling wisdom from ‘this side of life’ with others, women and men through our body.


“Life is but a dream dadu dada. Life is but a dream dadu, dadu, dadu, dadu dada. Life could be…..”

 pleasure pig in Pliss







Look for the third choice with a smile.

 Until next month

Happy Holidays



Please! Whatever you do – Stay within the limits of pleasure. Make it simple and easy.

The author doesn’t take any responsibility for any possible consequences that might occur from your thoughts and actions.


Sabine Grandke-Taft

Embodiment Expert and Workshop Leader
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Disguised Pleasure

Posted by admin on October 26th, 2009

PLEASURE in 500 words?

Contemplations on the most important experience of our life

501 words will take you less than minutes to read 

Since the early springtime I was invited to teach 2 workshops in New Zealand.

What a wonderful exciting intense work pleasure! The 9 month of planning and re-planning, organizing and promoting zoomed by like that jet that was going to get me there in just 13 hours.





 It was the 21st of September – that day I always remember… [- Rolling Stones]

On that Monday morning of my flight – All my bags are packed; I’m ready to go… [- John Denver] I finally got phone contact with the organizers in Kiwi Land. They still had nobody signed up for the weekends AND only 2 people who signed up for the free introductory evenings — I had been under the impression those had filled up…


Under new  im-pressions my bodies’ enthusiastic flow of achievement evaporated at the inhale. I experienced myself go physically through the Startle Reflex first phase [Ex-Tension]. I finally ex-haled ex-hausted [phase II, Languish] I closed my mouth – I sat down.


Now my mind desperately began trying to wrap itself around the Unexpected, the Impossible. Only my ‘old friends’ jetted in – self-judgment, failure, inadequacy…  Before they could take complete crippling control over the unusual beckoning void inside my head I also perceived  a new voice like a beam of life light – Self Compassion!  AAAAHHH!


“BUT what about my trip, the new country……..!” – My mind kept interfering  with notoriously agaonizing  disbelief.

I heard myself laughing– Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans… [- John Lennon]


The unbearable space of freedom dawned on me.
3 weeks of unscheduled time?!

This jolt in the plow line of my field of professional desire returned me to feel this present moment. I landed at the heart of life.

 10 min later I called back to cancel my trip.

There’s a crack in everything – that’s how the light gets in… [- Lenard Cohen]


Another few exhales later my mind integrated enough into my body, noticing space inside, feeling my feet on the ground and my whole spines’ smooth unwinding. I made another phone call.

Was it the September, my readiness, the crack, divine planning or all together? The Big Sur cabin where I have had the absolute pleasure last year to write on my book was available for a full 2 weeks! YEAH!










During the week I had left to get down there I released more illusions on running my life, relaxed, reconnected, repacked. I was also able to schedule just enough individual sessions and classes to earn exactly the amount for the cabin rent.


Only when I sat in the harvest moon bathed bathtub on the deck of my cabin in the Red Woods over the deep canyon I remembered how sometime during the busy frenzy of this summer I had wished for the money and time to write on my book this year.

“Be careful what you ask for!”









 I learned to trust the mystery of the river of life.


With smiles of gratitude




Please! Whatever you do – Stay within the limits of pleasure. Make it simple and easy.

The author doesn’t take any responsibility for any possible consequences that might occur from your thoughts and actions.


Sabine Grandke-Taft

Embodiment Expert and Workshop Leader

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Sabine Grandke-Taft holds the copyright for her blog but allows you to copy and distribute her work provided you give me credit and link back to my website www.radiantembodiment.com  Thank you very much.

Pleasure II in 500 words?

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Contemplations on the most important experience of our life.
501 words takes you about 3 min to read

Returning from the 15th Annual Pacific Women Circle Association Crescent Moon Retreat on Vancouver Island  [http://www.pwcacamp.org/index.html]  I strongly  feel the need to keep writing about expanding our minds automatic association of the words “Pleasure” and “Touch” with Sex.

I feel the urgency to bring alertness to our painfully limited, and by the way hyper-masculine, one-way fantasies that put physical pleasure immediately into the sexual amphitheatre, as if that’s our only playground to enjoy touch sensually. ? Ouch!

In last months Blogging Body Bliss I mentioned our gender based brain differences biologically stirring men to link life’s experiences 2,5 times easier to sex. So why do women fall into that same cul-de-sac around ‘getting some’, or not?

I spend a full-blown pleasure week with 60 remarkable women, dancing, laughing, celebrating, teaching, singing, learning and trusting the mystery that unfolds in each moment because we were softening our bodies. Creating art on all levels with everything just because we did it with the awareness that comes from slowing down in the sacred circle we created. Even crying was received as pleasurable because women were releasing tensions, trusting one another enough to open, feeling held and safe enough; finding and releasing into serenity resting inside our bodies; allowing the warm and spacious container of the great-er mother to nurture us inside and out, all around.

On the opening night I offered a circle massage sequence; asking each woman to get really close to each other, do a ¼ turn and reach for the shoulders in front with soft paws. To my great sadness many of the women had not been physically touched and nurtured for sooo long, some for many years.

Bhutan, Paro Palast
The initial nervous giggles from our unusual closeness with touch quickly turned into sighs of release, purrrrrrs in delightful surrender and in the end swaying full body smiles.
From the lakeside the warm rays of the setting sun melted our tensions tangibly into the grass underneath our bare feet.

That cold-blooded grip of our fear of intimacy softened just enough to allow us to feel more freely and to begin to perceive our own humanness and with that each others divinity. Tired exhausted women felt energized, tense stressed-out women landed inside their bodies and released their suffering minds. Everyone relaxed those boundaries that we so tightly install inside and around ourselves in this unfriendly intimi-dating world of the survival of the fittest.

We began to date intimacy. We had entered a sacred space to trust the touch for another woman; a hug, a little massage, even a smile; we let it in stilling our feminine hunger for real connection. Giving and receiving touch at the same moment with 60 women let our awareness grown beyond any usual suspicion.
Ads 005

Let you own awareness deepen with each experience. Notice how your body will flow naturally with more nurturing gentle and loving pleasure.

Free yourself from a male brain anatomy imposed stereotype of perception and invite men into the endless space of your whole body deliciocity.
With a smile

 Thank you for reading



Please! Whatever you do – Stay within the limits of pleasure. Make it simple and easy.

The author doesn’t take any responsibility for any possible consequences that might occur from your thoughts and actions.


Sabine Grandke-Taft

Embodiment Expert and Workshop Leader
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Sabine Grandke-Taft holds the copyright for her blog but allows you to copy and distribute her work provided you give me credit and link back to my website www.radiantembodiment.com  Thank you very much.

Pleasure I in 500 words?

Posted by admin on August 4th, 2009

501 words will take you about 3 min to read.

Whole Body Contemplations on the most Important Experience of Your Life


I am a “Pleasure Pig”! Can you relate?

Pigs love to play in the soft warm mud – That I found out very young around the little pond in the meadow below our weekend cottage to the great dismay of my already sensitized mother who constantly changed my ‘ruined’ clothe before she gave in and let me take them off altogether. Finally – freedom and total pleasure for me! Yeeepeeeeeeee!

Pleasure Pig 2 

In my twenties I specialized in Child Development and Sensory Integration [SI] and worked with babies and kids. Then the mud turned into thick heavy Nivea Cream, warm water, cushy plastic mats, and lots of towels to clean up the wonderful mess.


Imagine you smear cream all over your body and swish down a warm water slide. Oozing and squirming, spiraling your body smoothly and with total ease in the goop —- may be later after you read more on how life changing that can be?

Judith 87

Today I help adults re-discover their ability to feel, receive, integrate and give nonsexual pleasure on all levels. Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!


Women’s Pleasure Perception is different!

Dr. Louann Brizendine’s book The Female Brain scientifically clarifies what women noticed all along: Compared to a male brain [with 2 ½ times more cells for sex drive and larger centers for action / aggression] a female brain has 11% more neurons for language and hearing, a larger hub for emotion, memory and greater ability to read peoples’ cues. – We have a brain whose primary values are communication, emotional sensitivity, memory, connection and responsiveness. 

You knew it! Our biological brain allows women greater capacity to feel sensations sensually and with our whole body.

You may also sense it is high time to stop “denying the influence of biology.” – I take the pleasure to invite our innate human animal [and consequently our partner’s] to enjoy pleasure at its Whole-Body-Deliciocity-BEST.

Women’s bodies are wholly sense based – I am not talking about the fun we can have with science, politics and business – Here I am guiding thatmind into your physical receptivity /sense-ability /sens-orality.

Uuups my PC says “no no” to the word orality and suggests – morality…great isn’t it? – Exactly! Our growing body-phobia is our core agony roboterizing the world.


 Pleasure means Sex [?]

Results are sickening divorce rates and healthy drug sales for depression. We overeat to fill our gaping vacuums hungry for real communication. Pleasure-deprivation usher us into the fangs of a masculinly sexualized industry selling ‘pleasure’ from anti-ageing, to fitness [get hard – stay hard] and out fits ‘that turn heads’, to S/m workshops and rich man’s online dating.

 Existential fear has women and men’s masculine energy run for sex, aggression and action. Stop!

Feel – find connection and pleasure inside the depth of your senses in this moment. 

“You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves” – Mary Oliver  

Find your Pleasure of Expectancy until the next Blogging Body Bliss

 Thank you for reading




Please! Whatever you do – Stay within the limits of pleasure. Make it simple and easy.

The author doesn’t take any responsibility for any possible consequences that might occur from your thoughts and actions.


Sabine Grandke-Taft

Embodiment Expert and Workshop Leader
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Sabine Grandke-Taft holds the copyright for her blog but allows you to copy and distribute her work provided you give me credit and link back to my website www.radiantembodiment.com  Thank you very much.

The SERIOUS Deliciocity of Foot Pleasuring Massage III

Posted by admin on July 13th, 2009

JULY 2009

1784 words will take you about 9 minutes to read

A 3-piece of writing about our incredible feet and how caressing them grows us deeper into life and love and presents


III. How?

At last, the practical instructions on touching each others feet.

No more excuses left- you can do it, especially YOU who’s read all three pieces.


If pleasure is so good for everything how can I have more of it?

Answer: You give what you want to get!

So, if you have never received a full body – or ‘just’ a foot massage, I highly recommend it and even urge you to gift yourself a.s.a.p. Ask around for a great  and nurturing massage therapist and receive a professional treatment first. After you have felt how deliciously fantastic it is to let go and receive - just do it – create that space for somebody else!

Your curiosity has already begun to open your heart. There’s no reason for thinking that you can not pleasure your own or somebody else’s feet just with your touch. Even if you only hold that foot – that is so trustingly laying in your hands, warm it and allow your good intensions and your heart to flow out of your soft-ening palms and into their whole body – you are creating magic for both of you.


In general do not massage the feet of a person with cancer, infectious disease or fever. You might cause those processes to be exhilarated because of the stronger blood circulation inside their whole body that will occur when you kneed their feet. But this should not keep you from lovingly holding, warming and caressing there feet. During pregnancy the areas of the inner and outer ankles as well as the lower legs should not be worked on.

In some very sensitive or simply stressed people a good deep foot massage can ignite a cleansing response for the whole body. Even a little therapeutic pressure on the feet might provoke a strong reaction of their autonomic nervous system. The first sign shows up as sweaty wetness of their hands and/or feet. This is when you stop what you are doing and just hold the feet with your thumbs gentle resting on the solar plexus point in the center of the sole of their foot. Please see photo.

solarplexus point

Hold those places still without pressure until their nervous system has relaxed again and the sweating has dried up. This is called ‘the Motorcycle Grip’ – I always imaging riding the Harley through the desert. My leaned back spacious mindset allows the person also to relax and feel safe inside again. This kind of your presence will be very helpful.

Should you keep stimulating, those people might feel anything from slight dizziness to strong dizziness, feeling hot or cold or both and all the way to vomiting and diarrhea – this is called a ‘Healing Crisis’ generated by the autonomic nervous system. Generally very good! BUT I would not suggest to anybody Giver or Receiver to slide down that road unprepared unless you are with an experienced reflexology practitioner and a deep cleansing is necessary and freeing.

Beautiful Moments

My friend Aleeta’s body was cancer ridden. On my visits we would snuggle up together on the couch so I could hold and caress her swollen sore feet and her body got more comfortable. During those moments we were able to drop into deep intimacy. A place where our physical nurturing relaxed our minds enough and her and my initial fear of death softened. We both felt a sense of space, ease and deep connection in a bigger experience of life and death.

Here are some practical tips for you

Invite your Receiver – you don’t have to be shy. After all you are inviting them for a real treat. “Would you like to receive a foot rub? I just read these articles about it and I invite you to be my guest…”


Your Pleasuring Session

O.   Relax – be warm and cozy – as always – the setting is important – this can be very simple with a blanket covering your sitting or reclining partner and a towel under their feet if your use oil. It feels good to be touched by clean warm hands. You can play more elaborate with a hot scented foot bath, candles and soft music, wine, bonbon and on from there.

wine bottle foot print (Small)

Before you begin any kneading and when you end your session apply a few connecting strokes to the lower legs and feet.

It is healing to support the flow of life energy streaming up and down our body through the invisible Meridian System. Here you can get a good look at it:











Here is how the Meridian Stroke goes: Gently, from the knees stroke down the outside of both legs, over the outer ankles and off over the 4 outer toes. Than; stroke up from the big toes over the inner ankles and up the inner legs towards the knees. Turn and stroke down the outsides again. Do this a few times. The rhythm and flow of these easy strokes will help both of you to get here.

Now you can play on with any or all of the touch techniques below.

1.   Always touch with a listening touch!

2.   Trust your gut feeling – your loving touch can not do anything wrong!

3.   Touch how you would like to be touched – begin lightly, and remember
your own wonderful experience or delightful fantasy with foot massage.

4.   Be curious without judgment –

  • Where is this foot soft, hard, tight, rough, smooth or flexible?
  • How would you like to touch this area? Firm, deep, soft, light or just holding and warming it? What does it need?
  • Play with fast heating rubs with the little finger side of your hand and steady slow circles with a thumb or other fingers.
  • Gently uncurl those toes – holding them on the sides – lengthen them
  • Where do you want to stretch and bend – expand?

5.   Play with long strokes or ‘kneading dough’ stationary with big soft hands
or just with your fingers.

6.   It’s never to deep, it’s only to fast…

7.   Ask them to tell you how it feels. Ask them to use words at first and later
just to use sounds. Let your partner’s pleasure guide you. Mmmmmhhhhh!

By the way – this is how we can learn to communicate what we need and how during sexual play as well as in other areas of our relationship.

8.   Stay within the limits of pleasure! Make it easy and simple!

9.   Notice your own breathing and relaxation before theirs. We all tend to
tighten our breath and body in new or in intimate situations, [read
about that in my April 2009 Blogging Body Bliss on Breathing your
own breath]

10. You can use oil [olive oil from your kitchen’s great] or massage cream or special foot balms or salt/sugar cream scrubs or nothing but love – no shocks with cold squirts or aftershocks with stains. Please warm up the lube in your palms and put a towel under.

11. Relax, exhale, this is about pleasure for both of you. When you feel your
partner’s body soften, see their face relaxing and their breathing
deepen;   just let it in. This is their gift to you and lets you feel how easy
you can connect on a really nourishing level. The more you can allow
yourself to feel the pleasure the more your partner can let go and�
receive as well.

12. Keep massaging painful areas but more lightly and less pinpointed –
imagine your touch is spreading and diffusing built up tension like�
honey crystals melting in warm tea – have some and also lot’s of water.

13. Find your ever changing rhythm – enjoying your self is priority!

14. Slow down – allow!

15. End with Motorcycle Grip [under precautions] and Meridian Strokes.
[explained above]

 You are always touching the whole body when touching feet

Some very special places on the foot

I said before that all of our body is represented in our feet. Please have a look at the map again.

footreflex zones (small)

Here are some places to pay special attention too.

1. The Meeting of the 3 Rivers

This point is located 4 fingers wide above the inner ankle – you can find it there where your circling thumb seems to be able to drop right into a little dent on the inner shin bone. The point is usually quiet tender and can really hurt when pressed harder. This acupuncture/acupressure point got its name in Chinese Medicine because the power lines of the liver, kidney and spleen meridian are meeting here! Do not press on it when your partner is pregnant, but do disperse its tension when she has any menstrual problems, including cramps and foul moods. This area is a wonderful place to help with balancing our whole menstrual process.

2. The Pelvic region

The spaces of the inner and outer heel represent the whole pelvic region including our sexual organs, ducts and muscles. As described above do not work here when your friend is pregnant, but do work here for all issues related to menstruation and sexuality.

The line between the inner and outer heel across the front of the ankle is representing the ovarian tubs or seminal ducts as well as the lymphatic system of the pelvic region.

All these places are often tender to pressure and can respond with whole body bliss and delight when they begin to relax through your touch and attention. This said – the area offers itself as a fantastic zone for sensual foreplay.

3. The Swim Skins

Here I mean the webs between the toes. The lymphatic drainage system for the head is represented here. So if your person/child has a cold or the likes, this area might be extremely painful. You can support the healing process when you gently stroke and pull on the skins to release their tension. GENTLY! Especially if they are running a fever.

4. Kids

Cleaver moms have told me how little foot rubs calm down their overwhelmed kids, balance their energy and allows them to finish the homework in peace.

the potential of the Deliciocity of Foot Massage I’d say you are:

–         Creating a safe place to become present and connect and talk real

–         Relaxing and reviving every inch of the body

–         Easing a bad mood to shift into simple deliciocity

–         Heightening the ability to experience pleasure sensuality and
sexuality; authenticity intimacy and sanity

–         Creating a wonderful space for healing and growing on every level

–         Helping to save the planet

Enjoy your play and the deepening of your relationship with each person you touch.




Please! Whatever you do – Stay within the limits of pleasure. Make it simple and easy.

The author doesn’t take any responsibility for any possible consequences that might occur from your thoughts and actions.

Sabine Grandke-Taft

Embodiment Expert and Workshop Leader

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Sabine Grandke-Taft holds the copyright for her blog but allows you to copy and distribute her work provided you give me credit and link back to my website www.radiantembodiment.com Thank you very much.

The SERIOUS Deliciocity of Foot Pleasuring Massage II

Posted by admin on June 7th, 2009

A 3-piece of writing about our incredible feet and how caressing them grows us deeper into life and love and presents


1693 words will take you about 8.5 minutes to read


II. Why?


is it that a little foot rub can change life?


Our Sensory Development


As you have noticed in part I [see May 2009] of this article your feet are a key to your whole life.

How much can you sense of and with your feet right now? Socks, Shoes, Space, Temperature? How about a sense of Release, Landing and Comfort? Not jet? Read on.


Where are you going?

To appreciate the fundamental importance of your feet, [which not only literally carry you where you want to go in your life], it is fun to look at the exciting sensory development from the foot perspective.

Being able to really FEEL your feet is at the end of a fascinating installation, awakening and ripening process of our whole bodies’ sensate systems that begins around your mouth with the 8th week after your conception. Starting from the head your sensory awareness is fine tuning and expanding down your embryonic tiny body.

Although most of your skin can sense stimulation and even differentiate pain from around the 12th week after your conception – when you were almost 3 ½ inch tall and your weight was an amazing 1,6 ounces – awareness reaches your feet last.


Baby Steps

If you are a mother you may vividly remember the wonderful reassuring kicks of your babies’ feet from the inside. Fathers and special friends got to feel this exhilaration from the outside.

Directly after being born a baby can use these well practiced motions to ‘crawl’ up to its mother’s nipple and nurse for the first time all by itself within 30 min.

newborn feet



But for the next few months their legs and feet are by far not as interesting to them as their mouth and upper body because the ability to sense with discrimination has not yet reached the lower body.  When you gently massage their exquisite feet infants will let you know clearly if you are doing it just right, but they do not make the connection to where on their body that pleasurable feeling actually comes from until their nervous system has ripened all the way down.


Eventually, after 10-14 month, filled with intense growth by trail and ‘error’ we begin our vertical life of walking because our feet have lastly matured sufficiently into this continuum of sens-orally and functionally integrating each body part. It does take THAT long for our whole body to be “lit up” and ready for action in the sensory motor cortex of our brain.



Old Horizons

Throughout my Physical Therapy training in Germany and still during my further specification in child developmental therapy [Bobath and Sensory Integration] during the early 80’s the understanding was that the fundamental learning capacity of our brain ends at the age of 7[!] From than on, my teachers said, our brain could only refine the basic patterns that had been engraved by those early impressions.


I remember a deep sense of loss and even a ‘giving up’ hearing this – not just for all my adult patients who where trying to learn to walk again after injuries, hip or knee replacements, or other surgeries – but also for my own need to fill the gaps of crushed pleasure horizons and limiting mind-sets that I was raised with by my parents’ and grand parents’ WW II generations. In those times they had none for ‘sweet footing’ around.


In our achievement obsessed world we need to value that a baby will only stand up by itself naturally and maturely when its nervous system has developed enough by integrating sensory acuity with muscular strength. Curiosity and a desire for pleasurable experiences build the floor.


Unsurprisingly maturing happens naturally in the horizontal positions on the floor.
I always cringe when I see parents who stand up their babies and pull them to walk earlier and earlier. Besides other devastating long term effects on the unprepared hip joints and spine, standing on those immature feet alone takes away all of the necessary information that their whole body would otherwise receive and assimilate by rolling, crawling, creeping, pushing, pulling, pivoting; in short playing around on the floor. The natural year long [not counted the time in the womb] completion process of getting to embody ones whole world with ones whole body gets a terrible far-reaching short cut.

As a result we see too many adults who struggle to stand on their own two feet. Too many appear spineless. And our spirituality feels flat – “it comes out like a fax”.



New Pleasure Horizons

Researchers only recently found that our brain keeps its plasticity all along and so we can all celebrate what I was so curious about: It’s never too late to explore and develop our capacity to feel the nourishment of pleasure! Neuro plasticity/learning, the sprouting of new neural connections between brain cells for physical emotional and mental recovery, and our over all expansion and deepening of human awareness never has to end! Spirituality can dance on the feet of your embodiment.


As babies play their way down their body one extremely important achievement happens – they get fascinated by their feet, learn to grab them and thoroughly and extensively lick and bite and chew on them; from about the 5th month onward.



Talk about natural contentment and sensuality… aaaahhhhhh! Uuuuuuhhhhhh!



Steps to Awareness

What’s your connection to your feet in this moment? Warmer?


Do you recall spending time barefoot in nature? Does that not always feel like summer vacations?


Since the very old days where kids grew up barefoot our world got more and more modernized and we ‘concretized’ more and more over Mother Nature.

Our mothers began than to protect and hide our feet in those, I have to admit, irresistibly cute tiny baby shoes too much too early. Our ‘hungry for life’ feet do not come in contact with enough sensory ‘nourishment’ any longer.


I never forget my boss, the Neuro-Pediatrician Dr. Inge Flehmig creator of the Institut fuer Kindesentwicklung [Institute for Child development] in Hamburg, stating: “Shoes? Only for protection against cold wet and injury!”

To this day I feel disconnected from my clients as well as my intuition if I wear shoes when giving a Symphonic Touch® session or teaching my workshops. I keep asking my adult clients to walk barefoot as much as possible for grounding, relaxing and connecting to themselves and root to the earth.



Feminine Radiance – Masculine Presents

Our predominantly established sexualisation of pure sensory experience to me is one major reason for the lack of true masculine clarity and presents in men and the lack of feminine ease and flow in women. How can we feel safe enough to allow ourselves to live our true nature if we do not sufficiently feel our whole body resting on our ‘awakened pleasure’ feet? Therefore how can we trust our foundation? In other words; Authenticity is a question of embodiment.


As you can imagine by now; one seriously delicious return to sanity is to entice some-one out of their head and into their em-bodiment with a wonderfully relaxing foot rub. You do not have to wait until next months ‘How” is posted to grab any available foot including your own and start exploring right now.



Foot Notes


Foot fetish – I could not get around researching the adult sexualized view of our feet. This is what I found:

In 2002 Neurologist Vilayanur S. Ramachandran proposed that foot fetishism is caused by the feet and the genitals occupying adjacent areas of the somato-sensory cortex, possibly entailing some neural crosstalk between the two.


Great! Isn’t it? The possibilities of getting your skeptical girlfriends or even your tired man more easily interested in receiving and giving a foot rub just multiplied. Curiosity moves mountains.



Foot Talk

During the late 80’s I had justt gotten very curious about the very descriptive, simply down to earth, embodied language that Germans use when I immigrated to the US.  Here are some of the English examples I found since that give you a sense of how embodiment shows up internationally through your feet.



Getting cold feet

I’ve lost my footing

Got blown of my feet

Pussyfooting around

Walking on eggshells

Tip toe through the tulips [could also belong below]

Having to put a foot into your mouth [might not be so bad after all – try]

And here’s a German one: If your idea has no hand and foot – it’s useless





Jump into life

Down to earth

Walk your talk

Put your foot down

Get a foot in the door

Connecting to our roots

Getting back on you feet again

Land/ Stand on your own two feet

Putting one foot in front of the other

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step


It rolls

At last I want to call to your attention the people who are born without or have lost or badly injured their feet. As a Physical Therapist I can only imagine how their nervous system, physical body and psychology are facing a tremendous amount of challenges with daily ups and downs. But [re]-learning to walk on our own, I know you know, is a tremendous motivation and accomplishment for us humans. I am sure you have also heard of someone who got back onto their feet after a devastating personal event. Do you remember how relieved/light footed that made you feel?

When I was about 21 and working at a big orthopedic hospital, I remember unassumingly asking a patient in his wheelchair: “How is it going?” “It’s rolling!” he answered.


Thank you for taking the time to read.

Onwards in July with



OK – if [foot]-pleasuring is so good for everyone, how can I have and give more of it?




Das Leben vor dem Leben – Katherina Zimmer

Normale Entwicklung des Saeuglings und ihre Abweichungen – Dr. Inge Flehmig





Please! Whatever you do. Stay within the limits of pleasure. Make it simple and easy.

The author doesn’t take any responsibility for any possible consequences that might occur from your thoughts and actions.




Sabine Grandke-Taft

Embodiment Expert and Workshop Leader

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The SERIOUS Deliciocity of Foot Pleasuring Massage I

Posted by admin on May 11th, 2009

proximate time to read 1129 words – 6 min
A 3-piece of writing about our incredible feet and how caressing them grows us deeper into life and love and presents

I. What?
I know if I asked you would come up with some very nice scrumptious things that you would like to have done to your whole body, but here let me strongly “put my foot down” for receiving and even for giving foot rubs.

Our feet are our elemental connection to the earth. Besides balancing the rest of our body above they are balancing us electromagnetically as a whole. Literally they are our foundation. The foundation for whatever we put on top. They are not just the multitalented footing for our bones and muscles, the handy propellers for our super lightning speed with toe suction cups for balance; they also found equilibrium for our mind and our emotional body. I propose:

The realization of our spiritual body stands on our feet.

Your feet are providing you with your sense of BEING. Being grounded and deeper yet… they can give us all the sense of Being rooted As embodied Spirit. This absolute essential experience of Spirit Alive, of course, can only be realized

Let’s feel – shall we! How are your feet right now?
Did it take you a moment to bring your attention down there – that far??
Are your feet feeling alive and vibrantly happy, warm and free, soft and ready to carry you anywhere?

Mine sometimes feel formlessly cold and dis-connected from the rest of my already contracted body. This happens mostly when I am very much concentrating in my head on getting something done right. [- like writing this piece at 10 pm – Ha! – good reminder not to leave my body for my mind]

Sometimes they feel like they are dangling somewhere far away. I know real well that if only I would put on warm socks ALL of me would begin to feel better. BUT, but but… when my feet are already so dead and my mood is appropriating and my mind is simultaneously trying to outthink itself [without making any mistakes, of course] – I am not even having the energy to stop what I’m doing, get up and do take care that my feet [I] feel happy. I am sure you know that space when you are already so miserable and running on [high] low you do not even want to help yourself feel better – or am I just projecting my excuses for not caring for myself onto you?


Help is needed!
Help is right at your toes-tips!

For most of us being touched during a massage for instance, brings us more easily and often deliciously back into our over-all sense of harmony and well-being – the BEST reason for having a body. Touch grounds us. It re-connects all the scattered pieces. Touch makes us feel whole.
But our feet seem to be the forlorn child cast out into the ally way of  our deep need for sanity, nurturing and pleasure. Actually your feet are much easier accessible than having to take off your clothes, find the right place, time, money and person to touch your back and shoulders, arms legs and belly, neck and all. During foot massage your back and shoulders will relax as well as the whole rest of you and you could even leave your socks on.

I propose a twosome –
“gonna try a little help from my friends….”

Do you have a girlfriend you “detox” with each week? It’s time! Get cozy on the chaise longue, the sofa, in a meadow or at an outdoor seating café … [at least here in the Bay Area where touching another ones foot under the table is considered exciting and hip – Who knows, you might even get some wonderful people patiently lining up to receive next…] Seriously! We all truly need it!
Each one of you gives a foot to the other before you begin your usual chat chewing fat. You get ‘down to it’ faster and by the way you might have even more fun.

A very spot-on statement from my Watsu teacher Harold Dull
“Touch is a necessity without which babies die and adults become strange….”

Touching each others feet allows immediate access to the whole body, because each bone and muscle, each organ, nerve and tooth; literally everything is represented amazingly in that little part of us. Being touched and held by another at our feet reaches All of us in a supportive noninvasive way.


This beautiful old illustration I scanned in for you from a calendar shows the most important zones for accessing our inner organs embodied on the soles of our feet, but the whole foot and the ankle offer those zones.

When you bring them home you can turn the wonderful effects of being so much closer and nourished by the exchange with your girlfriend into magic. Begin to make foot rubbing a new habit for the flourishing of your relationship.

My husband and I will sit down almost every evening to share about our day, grab each others foot and re-connect in this delicious body way. Our touch invites both of us to relax our mind and expand our awareness. The instant embodiment that happens allows both of us to effortlessly become present with ourselves and with each other. We manage the magical switch from our work/action/stress/mind energy and open an easy bridge way into our relationship. Our sharing becomes a delight.

The 5 T’s: Touch Transforms Tension To Tenderness.

A little Story
Some time ago my husband took this practice to a new high. It happened to be one-of-those-nights when I growled: “I am in “Pre-Magnificent-Stage” [PMS] and I would rather be alone right now than having to cook dinner and sit there with ‘some guy’ [him] to eat it…. Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!”

It only took him a sec before he smiled – obviously not threatened by my ultimately hidden cry for help he told me to get on the sofa – take off my socks and give him my feet! His masculine clarity got me. I surrendered, still grudgingly, but than schlepped my tight miserable mind-out-of-body over into the living room.

Schwup-dee-vup! A few minutes later and with the touch of his big warm hands my foul hormonal mood attack was transformed from a pissy mountain lion mama into her soft-[ening] playful cub – still, I was a ‘youth of a carnivorous mammal’, but now I had an excellent time Being back as my body-self and with him. Clever man that is! Ppppppuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

How come a little foot rub can change life?
Back to Babies – Roots of Our Sensory Development – Neural crosstalk between feet and genitals [?] and
Foot Notes

read on in June

The author doesn’t take any responsibility for any possible consequences that might occur from your thoughts and actions.


Sabine Grandke-Taft

Embodiment Expert and Workshop Leader

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On Breathing Your Own Life

Posted by admin on April 14th, 2009

As he slumped forward to take of his shoe he released a suppressed huffing sound as if it caused him pain to pull up his leg.

I asked and my client said with a pale sigh that this was always the same problem with his lack of being able to breathe. Jack, now in his mid 30’s, had learned early on in his difficult childhood that he could survive when he would only breathe a wee bit into his stomach. I am sure you can reflect on that way of breathing that we can barely see or feel.

We all know how it is when we are scared and better try to be invisible – our whole body contracts. Our chest tightens and all our muscles clench up simultaneously as we make our-Selves shrink. In its extreme our ability to just stop our body and withdraw from life is called “playing Possum”. It is a brilliant capacity of our ancient survival mechanisms.

Following the roots of your human instincts you can watch animals in the wild use a total “freeze” often very successfully in case of immediate danger. The attacker looses interest in a “dead” body and later the survivor wakes up, shakes off the experience and has lunch instead of being lunch. The often daily threat does not seem to have any lasting effects. Our human experience is different.

As kids many of us have learned to take refuge by limiting our vital expressions in Jack’s way and keeping ourselves just invisible enough to get through – sometimes for many years.
I call it survival breathing – receiving and moving just the bare minimum to stay alive; in contrast to allowing life to breath us fully.

Growing out of the dependence of childhood our life has often invited and allowed us to begin exploring more of our individual Selves. BUT – if that excellent strategy that has secured your survival for so long has taken over as an unconscious habitual pattern of limiting your Self you never really get to enjoy your life either – the way you somewhere know deep inside is possible. On more or less severe levels I know this to be true for myself as well as for most of us.

You can imagine that relaxing and breathing more freely is one of the most important prerequisites for your aliveness to radiate.

In that moment Jack’s habit of letting only tiny survival breaths into his belly did not work any more because his thigh was now pressing into his abdomen.
The constriction pattern in his body had also gotten hold of other life situations. Jack had already told me about his agony in the line at Pete’s coffee for instance. He finds himself expecting that all the other people there are thinking badly of him. It gets harder and harder to breathe because his freeze/self-judgment pattern can not allow him to soften any space in his chest and permit air in. Caught in this internal trap it is very difficult to feel ones body rooted and find a relaxed sense of clear Self- assessment.

By pulling up his leg on my chair he had taken the space away for his belly to expand the usual bit and so his old fear of not breathing “right – again” puffed out.

On one side [note]:
I need to point out that opening our body to a greater extend than we usually feel safe with [especially in the front around our heart just by taking in a deeper breath] can bring up a lot of emotion: one being the real fear of being seen, feeling unprotected, vulnerable and influenced by everything coming our way. So with our familiar protective survival instinct we tend to rather stay “safe”, contracted and put up with feeling quite miserable like my client. When we deeply honor this aspect of our truth our self-compassion softens our body-mind enough to begin stirring again. Notice your own breathing right now. May be you can feel a little release.

On the other side:
In the habit of very restricted breathing [and therefore a reduced experience of our energy] our body and our mind seem to loose contact and forget how our ribs can actually move and thus allow fresh air to fill all of the vastness of our lungs – I am talking not only about the most obvious spaces on both sides of our chest bone in the front. Re-member also the quarters of your lungs underneath your armpits on the sides and the huge expanse of the lung tissue in your back that reaches from the top of your shoulder blades almost all the way down to your waste line.

Did you know that your lungs live just as close to the surface in your back as they are in your front?
Feel it!
When you explore with your finger tips in-between your ribs [lets say underneath your right nipple or behind your left clavicle] you are feeling through muscles right onto your lung tissue. Equally so in your back – your lungs are snug up to the inside of your ribs filling the whole lumen of your rib cage. Right now I am experiencing my ribs moving when I lean against the backrest of my chair and exhale-inhale into that area.

I asked my client if he would like to explore. “Yes!” He sat down on a stool and felt his upper belly and lower ribs with both hands. The belly swells with inhaling and gets smaller with every exhale. Rising – Falling; Expansion – Contraction – the rhythm of life right at our fingertips. When he paid attention he began to feel that his lower ribs could also move up and apart when air filled the lung tissue that is waiting underneath. Jack got curious.

In the few months Jack’s been coming for sessions his main complaints have been the problems caused by his compromised breathing and how he would often totally forget to “do it”. When that happens he also has to feel the consequences of the lack of oxygen and motion right away – more physical and emotional tension, low energy, and fear all the way to anxiety and all the way to depression with tons of self-judgment. – A total recall of that “old darkness” that does not serve him any longer.

With small movements and his awareness he then explored the opening and closing of different parts of his whole rib cage. Some time later he was leaning his front on a big soft pillow and his forehead was resting on some folded towels. I was now gently touching his back and the spaces in-between his ribs feeling how the tissues were softening and his breathing was beginning to enter new spaces naturally.

After inviting one side of his back in this way I let him feel for any different sensations. Compared to the other side he noticed more space and a sense of warmth. Later when I began to integrate both sides he all of a sudden said: “This is really wonderful to be able to feel my breathing so easily and relaxed.” Jack was experiencing a whole new in-side. He was amazed. For me this was one of the very first times he had noticed and spontaneously expressed a positive feeling in his body.

As Jack was getting ready to leave our session he voiced his usual hesitation to trust that his mind could remember to use his newly found space for breathing. Remember life’s rhythm of expansion –contraction? So naturally his mind went back into the old tightly beaten groove of “having to do it” and “it better be right”. I listened intently noticing his now rosy cheeks and his eyes that had cleared up since he had arrived.

Next, he was talking energetically about something else as he rather swiftly and without any effort in breathing lifted his leg up high to put his shoe back on. No agony, no fear, no interruption of his life, just a natural flow. He did not even seem to notice. Now I smiled and pointed to his leg. That’s when he woke up to the ease and natural intelligence his body was just living.

At our next session Jack told me he had gone to Pete’s coffee for a tea afterwards … With a smile he had noticed his thought: “I guess I am feeling better than any of these people here.”

I invite your feedback, comments and your own experiences.
My gratitude for non-stop learning goes to all my clients and teachers and I trust You also will benefit from reading and feeling.
All names have been changed to honor the privacy of my clients. Still, the stories are written with their permission.

Thank you for reading
Love and light

You ONLY have to let the soft animal of your body love what is loves
– Mary Oliver

The author doesn’t take any responsibility for any possible consequences that might occur from your thoughts and actions.



Sabine Grandke-Taft

Embodiment Expert and Workshop Leader

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A Story of Remembering to Remember

Posted by admin on April 13th, 2009

It’s Him!

A poem by Eduard Mörike: 1804-1875

Spring displays His ribbon blue
fluttering through air’s expanses,
sweet aromas over fences
touch with hope the lands anew.
Violet still dreams,
dreams of soon appearing.
Hark! the sounds of distant harps, it seems!
Yes, my Spring, it’s You!
You I have been hearing!

A Story of Remembering to Remember

A Canadian girlfriend left a message on my phone that she had great news for me. I was excited and very curious, but it took 3 weeks for us to talk because of our busyness. We joyfully reconnected and after sharing all our winter experiences and big summer plans for women’s camps in Canada she asked about the coming of my book. Not such a great theme for me these days. Since my last cabin retreat in November I had not found any – and I really mean it – no time to include writing my book into my life. In November I already knew that I did not know how to create that extra time and only a very suspicious part of me tried to be convinced that writing would happen anyways.

My friends soft voice sounded very far away as I heard her come through the receiver: “Oh, don’t worry Sabine, I have created the “Women’s Natural Wealth Returning…and you are on my list. I will send you a check over $13,000 as soon as I get the funds from the universe and than you can take time off to write again. Your book is very important and I want to read it.”

For a few seconds I was speechless before that big smile came over me. She had rekindled my own “forbidden innocence”, the feminine part of me that JUST trusts that something good happens when I pay in-tention and ask for help, no matter how “bad” or “difficult” or “stuck” the circumstances. During the winter month my default pattern called “identification with survival instincts” had tightened my body and my spirit. In the midst of my crunching for time I had forgotten to ask for help; ask the universe to support me in my passion to bring forth this book on the recovery of feminine radiance!

With her abundant generosity and huge heart she had reminded me to remember my own. My dragging winter energy turned into a spring brook of curiosity, excitement and expectancy. I felt my desire to breath in spring air again, let life into my contracted cobweb core and let the warmths of much gratitude for my girlfriend flow and nourish me. This is how friends show up like angels reminding us of that very something beyond our western “1-2-3-think-tank-tightness”. Her unlimited nature reminded me to remember the natural feminine abundance of each moment.

I am asking for help now: I am gently stretching my body surrendering to life’s flow instead of holding on to my arrogant and limiting expectation for the “unbelievable” miracle while my trust in any positive change grew humble and SAUER with every new downturn in the world and the daily additions of “really important things” that need to be taken care of right NOW!

Thank you Goddess! No choice but to switch from thinking-scared-mind to feeling-abundantly-luscious-body. Come out of the dark grey frozen German forest! Now I am navigating the river of life again allowing the sunlight to soften my limbs and enlighten my luster. – with a whole body smile that gives me the knowing that I will get my book done.

What really matters to you?

Apple Sauce Recipe

Here is the Apple Sauce recipe that some of you asked for after my November NewsLetter. My mother cooks the apples with cinnamon, fresh vanilla, nutmeg, raisins soaked overnight in rum, walnuts, and another sip of Rum. I also add some cardamom and we do not let them cook all mushy, keep it chunky…. Guten Appetite!

Cabin Teachings

Posted by admin on November 11th, 2008

Hello Dear Radiant Being,

I am writing to you with this sensual and wild autumn all around I felt very inspired to include some of the photos I took while cooking  my mothers “delicious” apple sauce … Of course, this only works with the neighbor’s apples…

I invite you to read on:

Topics in this Issue:

  1. 20 min Video is up!
  2. Body Communion
  3. Invitation from the Academy of Self-Knowledge
  4. Cabin Teachings

The Launching of my 20 minute Video!!

If you have not looked at it please do – a friend just told me today it inspired her and her new husband to some amazing sex!

Watch my video interview >>

Body Communion in Holland

Dec. 6 and 7, 2008

This workshop has deeply inspired and enabled Men and Women to go beyond old fear and numbness that constricts their availability for true intimacy. I have found that the key to open the often unrecognized limitations of our mind is our ability to sense and feel the clear presence of our physical body. Communion is ‘Being in Unity’. To live real Body Communion with ourselves is an art form in our daily world. We have had to numb our sense-ability to protect our vulnerability so much that it is difficult to attract an appropriate partner or to reach our partners heart and Being. In this Workshop I invite you with love and laughter to experience your body, expand and relax into your real core and learn the most nurturing Symphonic Touch® Sequence.

When asked how I discovered this new path of teaching nurturing body contact to men and women instead of sexual practices I replied: Working with babies for many years I realized that joy and curiosity develop naturally when babies are experiencing bodily pleasure. This happens long before puberty and sexual energy takes over this purely sensual exploration of our blissful aliveness. As adults our relationships often lack this piece of nonsexual nurturing fulfillment and therefore we lose our sense of connection and trust to yourselves and our partners.

Over the last 25 years, I have designed and developed Symphonic Touch®, an Integrative Movement Massage Process, which gently creates physical wellbeing and the awareness of the connections in our body. I believe that learning to use these unique and very nurturing Touch and Movement Sequences will give us a chance to soften our blocks, open and receive pleasure.

Feminine Radiance is the natural expression of your body’s relaxed pleasure in every moment. I believe that woman have had to learn to compromise their pleasure and cope with a ‘hyper-masculine’ world, that requires us to animate too much of our masculine force and ability to function, to survive, hold and heal the world. I feel this is not at all healthy for women’s bodies and for what we want in our intimate relationships.

For those same reasons MEN have had their own difficulty to enjoy their natural embodiment of masculine presence and clarity, which can only be trusted with an awake and sensible bodily consciousness. I have seen that the Touch and Movement Sequences you will learn in this workshops can be continuously practiced with your partner to open each others bodies and hearts gently for your deeply satisfying Communion and how they provide the prerequisite for great sex.

The International Academy of Self Knowledge

The Academy of Self -Knowledge (IASK)has just released a FREE Transformational Webinar that I think you will enjoy. Their President and Founder Libby Adams is a long time friend of mine. Libby is a brilliant woman and I can only recommend her great work [over the phone] as long as you can not have my hands on you directly…

The webinar will assist you to discover what’s been preventing you from achieving the wealth, peace of mind, spiritual connection, relationships and health you desire… and learn HOW TO OVERCOME IT!!

You can access this Webinar for FREE by going to the IASK website and completing your information and you’ll receive instant access to the Transformational Webinar.

Let me know what you think!

Cabin Teachings

“A blessing is not something that one person gives another. A blessing is a moment of meeting… in which people involved remember and acknowledge their true nature and worth, and strengthen what is whole in one another.” –

Rachel Remen

You probably have also held your breath and felt your un-eased gut while the US Citizens were making their decision on the new president. So much for us and the world depends on it. Now, a new era has begun. The way President Obama held his speech last night already showed a different side of America.

Now it is time to focus on our body again to find the strength we need for our future. Breathing well is the key.

In this remote place it is easier to keep breathing.

Still, this time it took me a full week to slow down enough and feel more ease excitement and inspiration to start writing on my book.

The forest with its sounds of the animals, running creeks, the crisp wind and falling lusciously colored leaves; the deeply relaxing smells of the trees and the earth and the ever changing shadows and lights are seducing and guiding my attention back home into my body. I feel blessed that I can experience this abundance of nature and feel safe at this particular time in the world. I am being invited to listen and hear deeper than pleasure and fear. Especially when the first storms are coming in and my little cabin seems to turn into an old wooden bark sailing through the trees gnarling and squeaking until my trust is shaken that we will make it whole through the night.

This is when I remembered that I have a body.

I remembered to make the famous U-turn. I let the crazy world outside and in my head step into the background. I began to listen inward. I allowed my rattled nerves to feel into my sense of home and warmth and space inside my body. My exhales got longer. My inhales had space. I welcomed my softening and than I got even curious about how “bad” it would really get out there and with a smile I was able to sleep.

I expect that our challenged world uses this crisis as the opportunity to begin to listen to everyone. No one can exclude themselves any longer from the ground of constructive committed communication.

It is not enough to trust in ourselves – we need to find trust in life.

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