Dear interested reader – I am sharing some of my teachers, as well as friends and clients with you  who’s teachings, art and products I love and support At some point in life struggling with food ceases to be a struggle and becomes an opportunity to see how strong you really are. Gina was the catalyst that helped make that shift in me. Ultimately, we make the decisions on our own, but having the energy of a genuine healer makes doors open. Patryce Bak created her own website and took the photos! She is a wonderful friend and client from NY who also helped me choose the right food processor. I delight in her incredible cookbook recipes.  Janet Crawford as friend and client fosters organizational excellence through aligning business with human biology.

  • Special hand crafted hair art, earrings and more made from silver and wood. My friends in Munich are pure craftspeople and have developed this art to perfection.
    Modern Maven Design
    Bohemian Designs With Vintage Appeal And Classic Style – a wonderful special gift for the women in your life! I bought 8 already. Pure Touch Therapeutics – wonderful oils!
    LuAnne Kelly Hail makes Sabine’s Signature Essentials Warm Caress and Sensual Caress Body Bath and Massage oils you’ll find them here under Products or under

  • Waking Down in Mutuality sites
    This are sites about the Waking Down in Mutuality consciousness awakening work I have been doing since 2002. I am introducing my main teachers and websites for you to dive into your own awakening