Individual Symphonic Touch® Sessions

Symphonic Touch® Integrative Movement Massage Process developed by Sabine during the last 30 years.

A holistic healing touch and movement process as well as Somatic Experiencing [SE -Trauma release work] that honors the BODY as the source of all human experience. Feel the fresh curiosity for life, love and relationship as you let go of tension, pain and trauma. Expand your awareness of yourself as relaxed open and grounded allowing old habits to change and awaken your body and brain for new possibilities.

“I rarely go for body work because I am so sensitive that I can absorb the energies of the worker or the space which takes away from my relaxation. With Sabine, I found a new experience. My body is responding on many levels to her masterful (read goddess-like) skills. Our sessions are always meaningful to me. She is unique in her approach which is working to develop new sensations and inner pathways for me.”
Anahata Pomeroy

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For Women – 1.5 hr $145 – [$160 in other locations]

Symphonic Touch(R) helps you to:

  • heal physical pain and trauma
  • feel self acceptance with deep nurturing touch
  • allow yourself to soften and embody your specific flavor of the feminine
  • find/regain your bodies ability for pleasure and sensuality
  • live from a sense of self trust and safety
  • attract one and deepen with your appropriate partner
  • find your specific voice to express your needs
  • reconnect to your divine being, relax and open your heart

For Men – 1.5 hr $145 -[$160 in other locations]
Symphonic Touch(R) helps you to:

  • feel your physical body and allow new levels of consciousness
  • improve your body’s health and energy
  • eliminate trauma, pain and movement restriction with intelligence not force
  • minimize stress reactions
  • deepen your relationship to yourself as an aspect of the divine through awareness
  • find out who you are in your masculine
  • attract one and deepen with your appropriate partner

For Couples – 1.5 hr $145 – [$160 in other locations]

  • bring your relationship issues fearlessly – learn to listen/feel/allow
  • discover which old pattern hook you so perfectly into each others pattern
  • learn nurturing and breathing methods to harmonize your energies
  • practice to develop your naturally fulfilling polarities
  • explore SYMPHONIC TOUCH massage techniques to open all of your partner
  • find the necessary Trust and Safety within and with each other
  • reconnect in true intimacy

Phone Consultations for women, men and couples 30min $50

  • embody feminine radiance/ masculine presence
  • be trustable to yourself and others
  • keep your relationship alive and fulfilling
  • have choices in your emotions and behavior
  • create more pleasure in your life
  • make your sensuality and sexuality sacred


come to San Rafael for a week of 1 or 2, 2-hour Symphonic Touch Sessions daily including deeply opening Advanced Massage, Awareness through Movement/Feldenkrais Lessons, Bodycounseling, Somatic Experiencing – Trauma release work, Home Play Practices, and dive deep!