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A Woman is a mystery – that can guide the wise and open Man – Rumi

A Womyn is a Mystery... Rumi Calendar 11.09

I believe feminine energy can slow us and our self-destruction down.

To ask you bluntly: How different do you think the world would be if our mind set on overdrive [masculine] could cool down enough to realize It has an amazingly real physical body? Female or Male, your really amazing and ever changing [feminine] body carries your mind around to experience our world more wholly.


Women and men develop the sort of masculine force that grows more exclusively when there is [or was] reason to for self protection. Most of us have been negatively affected by our immediate and/or larger world since we were conceived and collectively worldwide during at least the past 18 months. For most the future does not look so restful rosy either. Experiencing threat automatically gears up our mind to labor in high action mode. Self-preservation has us either drifting in numbness or act with anxiety and aggression. Driven by our alarmed survival instinct we tightly parade all our striped muscles to be ready for fight or flight or freeze at all times.

This is not living life. This is surviving it!


“Always look for the third possibility…”- I learned from Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais. http://www.feldenkraisguild.com/method/a_biography_of_moshe_feldenkrais/

Pleasure Pig looking outside the box 




 Let’s have a look!





As Saniel Bonder http://www.sanielandlinda.com/calls it: “The Hyper Masculine Dharma” is ruling our daily life. Aggression, violence and force are represented by 2 ½ times more brain cells in men’s heads. That is why in difficult times fear and stress are ruling.

But unfortunately not just in men. Women have learned to flex their masculine intensity pump very successfully; sometimes quiet domineeringly. Our [mental] world seems to turn faster and tighter, creating more pain and suffering each day. This fear of loosing control [masculine] takes over and does not let us go easily.

People look driven drained and hungry for real life.  

 Disgrunteled Pleasure Pig, San Francisco 09.09







Here is what I found – my third possibility.

Our global painfully intimate experience can also centrifuge us from twirling outwardly between our glooming past and uncertain future in-ward into this present moment where we notice our self and body here now. “Hey Buddy! Welcome! I miss you so much…!” – could be the first embrace when you begin to suspect your body and breath again.

“You are out of your mind!” the little controle goes off. 

Smile… With your body encounter come your feeling senses, your gut-feeling-wisdom, your soft-heartedness, your sure-footedness, your strong backbone and your true exhale of relief.
With awareness of your body comes your trust in the Life–Death–Life-Cycle[Women who run with the wolves- Clarissa Pincola Estes] each moment anew and cumulative.


To me it feels natural that mostly women are [re-]connecting with and expressing our spirit and souls em-bodiment. I wrote in Septembers’ BBB that in contrast to men women have their brains tuned more toward the art of connection and emotion. In contrast to the male principle our female brain centers and nervous system more readily obtain notions by perceiving physical experiences.


I certainly can not exclude myself from us women spinning all to easy in overdrive far too often and more and more and faster. So I was very surprised and thankful when just the other night my husband was the one who brought home a deeply relaxed and opening view to all of the tightening problems in my head… His Yoga class that night had been a rare two hours of restorative poses… aaaahhhhhhhh!!!


Reminding myself of this ‘whole’ other ‘half’ of my human [and not just easeful feminine] capacity to feel life’s events more wholly as invitations by including all physical senses I re-member my power to choose my experience. mmmmhhhh!


I am writing my book on the Recovery of Feminine Radiance because I know women have an easier access and connectedness to our body: The mystery that can guide the wise and open men… A Woman’s innate effortless flow and pleasurable softness as her body are also giving each one of us the challenge and the opportunity to invite our own radiant ease back in and to share our exquisitely fulfilling wisdom from ‘this side of life’ with others, women and men through our body.


“Life is but a dream dadu dada. Life is but a dream dadu, dadu, dadu, dadu dada. Life could be…..”

 pleasure pig in Pliss







Look for the third choice with a smile.

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