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A 3-piece of writing about our incredible feet and how caressing them grows us deeper into life and love and presents

I. What?
I know if I asked you would come up with some very nice scrumptious things that you would like to have done to your whole body, but here let me strongly “put my foot down” for receiving and even for giving foot rubs.

Our feet are our elemental connection to the earth. Besides balancing the rest of our body above they are balancing us electromagnetically as a whole. Literally they are our foundation. The foundation for whatever we put on top. They are not just the multitalented footing for our bones and muscles, the handy propellers for our super lightning speed with toe suction cups for balance; they also found equilibrium for our mind and our emotional body. I propose:

The realization of our spiritual body stands on our feet.

Your feet are providing you with your sense of BEING. Being grounded and deeper yet… they can give us all the sense of Being rooted As embodied Spirit. This absolute essential experience of Spirit Alive, of course, can only be realized

Let’s feel – shall we! How are your feet right now?
Did it take you a moment to bring your attention down there – that far??
Are your feet feeling alive and vibrantly happy, warm and free, soft and ready to carry you anywhere?

Mine sometimes feel formlessly cold and dis-connected from the rest of my already contracted body. This happens mostly when I am very much concentrating in my head on getting something done right. [- like writing this piece at 10 pm – Ha! – good reminder not to leave my body for my mind]

Sometimes they feel like they are dangling somewhere far away. I know real well that if only I would put on warm socks ALL of me would begin to feel better. BUT, but but… when my feet are already so dead and my mood is appropriating and my mind is simultaneously trying to outthink itself [without making any mistakes, of course] – I am not even having the energy to stop what I’m doing, get up and do take care that my feet [I] feel happy. I am sure you know that space when you are already so miserable and running on [high] low you do not even want to help yourself feel better – or am I just projecting my excuses for not caring for myself onto you?


Help is needed!
Help is right at your toes-tips!

For most of us being touched during a massage for instance, brings us more easily and often deliciously back into our over-all sense of harmony and well-being – the BEST reason for having a body. Touch grounds us. It re-connects all the scattered pieces. Touch makes us feel whole.
But our feet seem to be the forlorn child cast out into the ally way of  our deep need for sanity, nurturing and pleasure. Actually your feet are much easier accessible than having to take off your clothes, find the right place, time, money and person to touch your back and shoulders, arms legs and belly, neck and all. During foot massage your back and shoulders will relax as well as the whole rest of you and you could even leave your socks on.

I propose a twosome –
“gonna try a little help from my friends….”

Do you have a girlfriend you “detox” with each week? It’s time! Get cozy on the chaise longue, the sofa, in a meadow or at an outdoor seating café … [at least here in the Bay Area where touching another ones foot under the table is considered exciting and hip – Who knows, you might even get some wonderful people patiently lining up to receive next…] Seriously! We all truly need it!
Each one of you gives a foot to the other before you begin your usual chat chewing fat. You get ‘down to it’ faster and by the way you might have even more fun.

A very spot-on statement from my Watsu teacher Harold Dull
“Touch is a necessity without which babies die and adults become strange….”

Touching each others feet allows immediate access to the whole body, because each bone and muscle, each organ, nerve and tooth; literally everything is represented amazingly in that little part of us. Being touched and held by another at our feet reaches All of us in a supportive noninvasive way.


This beautiful old illustration I scanned in for you from a calendar shows the most important zones for accessing our inner organs embodied on the soles of our feet, but the whole foot and the ankle offer those zones.

When you bring them home you can turn the wonderful effects of being so much closer and nourished by the exchange with your girlfriend into magic. Begin to make foot rubbing a new habit for the flourishing of your relationship.

My husband and I will sit down almost every evening to share about our day, grab each others foot and re-connect in this delicious body way. Our touch invites both of us to relax our mind and expand our awareness. The instant embodiment that happens allows both of us to effortlessly become present with ourselves and with each other. We manage the magical switch from our work/action/stress/mind energy and open an easy bridge way into our relationship. Our sharing becomes a delight.

The 5 T’s: Touch Transforms Tension To Tenderness.

A little Story
Some time ago my husband took this practice to a new high. It happened to be one-of-those-nights when I growled: “I am in “Pre-Magnificent-Stage” [PMS] and I would rather be alone right now than having to cook dinner and sit there with ‘some guy’ [him] to eat it…. Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!”

It only took him a sec before he smiled – obviously not threatened by my ultimately hidden cry for help he told me to get on the sofa – take off my socks and give him my feet! His masculine clarity got me. I surrendered, still grudgingly, but than schlepped my tight miserable mind-out-of-body over into the living room.

Schwup-dee-vup! A few minutes later and with the touch of his big warm hands my foul hormonal mood attack was transformed from a pissy mountain lion mama into her soft-[ening] playful cub – still, I was a ‘youth of a carnivorous mammal’, but now I had an excellent time Being back as my body-self and with him. Clever man that is! Ppppppuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

How come a little foot rub can change life?
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Foot Notes

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