Welcome to You!

Here are the topics you will enjoy reading in this issue:

  1. The Gift of your Breath
  2. Dreams and Spirit – Workshop
  3. The Power Lies in the Stillness
  4. Turning 50!?

Breathe While You Read

Thank you for taking the time  – here is a gift you can give to yourself while you read:

Notice your breathing right now –

in-out, expanding-relaxing, pausing, different areas of your chest, back and belly –

under your arm pits? Just notice –

the quality and motion -you do not have to change it. And how is your mood at this moment?

Dreams and Spirit Workshop

It’s high time to announce the 1-day Women’s workshop on your Dreams and Spirit on May 31st here at my house in San Rafael to you please have a look in the left column.

I was honored to be one of the women presenters for the annual Women of Wisdom Conference WOW@womenofwisdom.org in February 2008 in Seattle.

I got very inspired to the theme of Women’s Dreams and Spirit. Knowing me, you’d understand how this conference theme made me feel and sense into my body and how these mental concepts physically show up in my feminine reality. The class I taught in Seattle was a great success and the pleasurable recovery and full embodiment of a woman’s dreams and her spirit are what I offer now as a full day exploration here in the private space of my house and garden. Welcome!

How do you experience your breathing now? Any changes? Just notice. Is it slower? Look for any bit of ease and focus on those places.

The Power Lies in the Stillness

My three weeks alone in the Big Sur Redwoods proved exactly this on all levels. I had a completely blissful and amazingly new and continuing experience of my Self in time and space without a watch or mirrors, but a bathtub on the deck. My gratitude for this special time is immense.

I’d like to add the quality of Calmness here. Stillness often highlights a special momentary experience when everything around us seems to exhale and pause before inhaling again, or when we can bring our deepest meditation into this moment. Calmness is a more involved and lively state of Being when we can stay relaxed in the midst of the storm –  and YES this is where our Essential Power lies!

I was able to double the pages of my book in total joy and ease. Now I am back home, working a lot and still I find my body vibrating at this level of calm power that I noticed after about two weeks in the cabin.

As you sense your breathing now, look for places in your body that move with less effort, more ease. Drink in the pleasure. How is your mood now?

Turning 50

Turning what???!! — Turns out to be just wonderful. A great experience and a curious You-Turn Adventure too.

I just LOVE to have this deeper sense of my [whole] Self. With the least amount of effort I am simply respecting and honoring myself more than ever! After all this life I have usually been there and done it all to the max. My hunger for life has shifted inward to a much more subtle and magical universe of my sensual body and spirit. This allows me to feel more and more time to BE FREE without having to prove it.

Ah! It’s THAT space [at the end of my exhalation] that I was really looking for all these years.

I imagine you can feel what I am talking about just because you are a woman, breathing, softening as you notice the Secret: I do not have to work my breath – Life is breathing me all the time.

After feeling your breathing motions and sensing the quality changing, do you feel differently now?

“Softer, Safer, Real and Irresistible!”

A completely natural SSRI!!

Please, send me an email and share your experiences with this! I would love to hear all about it.

Always deepening in all ways:

Gratitude, Understanding, Compassion, Self-Forgiveness, Softness, Pleasure Pigging, Love, Intimacy, Sexuality, Calmness, Joy, Release, Fun and ever more inclusive Embodiment.

Now THAT’S Feminine Spirit Alive!

With a big smile,