A theme of this 11.2009 letter is unfolding around money and how we can manifest our dreams with the support of numerology.

TODAY, November 29th (2+9=11), we are experiencing the rare numerological phenomenon of 11-11-11 for the second time this month.

“11” is the Master Number that opens the doors of awareness and opportunity for the energies of Creation at all levels. 2009 (2+0+0+9=11) carries this vibration throughout the year; according to Andrea Hess’ newsletter.

Here is what happened on the financial side for me:

I was able to get the assessors office to adjust our property value so next year we will save money on taxes! I also found out that some homeowners Insurance give credit if you have a burgler and fire alarm system installed. We recieved a refund check over more than $800 for the past 6 years!

I am excited and grateful about this ‘celestial’ boost and hope that alerting you will spurt your manifestation as well.

AND it is never to late to invite more positive experiences!

My favorite Autumn Poem

Herbsttag – 1902 by Rainer Maria Rilke

I put it here in German. The translation did not resonate as much. Reciting it 1989 at the Esalen Institute helped me fall in love with my mother tongue for the first time.

Herr: es ist Zeit.

Der Sommer war sehr groß.

Leg deinen Schatten auf die Sonnenuhren, und auf den Fluren

laß die Winde los.

Befiehl den letzten Früchten voll zu sein;

gieb innen noch zwei südlichere Tage,

dränge sie zur Vollendung hin und jage

die letzte Süße in den schweren Wein.

Wer jetzt kein Haus hat, baut sich keines mehr.

Wer jetzt allein ist, wird es lange bleiben,

wird wachen, lesen, lange Briefe schreiben

und wird in den Alleen hin und her unruhig wandern,

wenn die Blätter treiben.

you can listen here

A Womyn is a Mystery that can guide the Wise and open Men

- Rumi

“To ask you bluntly: How different do you think the world would be if our mind set on overdrive [masculine] could cool down enough to realize IT has an amazingly real physical body? Female or Male, your really amazing and ever changing [feminine] body carries your mind around to experience our world more wholly…

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Bertha’s Budget Makes Cents

“It’s all about Money Honey”

As a sweet little gift for you, your family and friends I highly recommend Karen Bertha Evans Caldrons’ book on how to save money. Karen is my friend, client and a WOOP member and has written, illustrated and self-published this most enjoyable piece of art. It’s a $9.95 investment you can appreciate. Her paintings are inspirations. To find out more go to her website.