It’s Him!

A poem by Eduard Mörike: 1804-1875

Spring displays His ribbon blue
fluttering through air’s expanses,
sweet aromas over fences
touch with hope the lands anew.
Violet still dreams,
dreams of soon appearing.
Hark! the sounds of distant harps, it seems!
Yes, my Spring, it’s You!
You I have been hearing!

A Story of Remembering to Remember

A Canadian girlfriend left a message on my phone that she had great news for me. I was excited and very curious, but it took 3 weeks for us to talk because of our busyness. We joyfully reconnected and after sharing all our winter experiences and big summer plans for women’s camps in Canada she asked about the coming of my book. Not such a great theme for me these days. Since my last cabin retreat in November I had not found any – and I really mean it – no time to include writing my book into my life. In November I already knew that I did not know how to create that extra time and only a very suspicious part of me tried to be convinced that writing would happen anyways.

My friends soft voice sounded very far away as I heard her come through the receiver: “Oh, don’t worry Sabine, I have created the “Women’s Natural Wealth Returning…and you are on my list. I will send you a check over $13,000 as soon as I get the funds from the universe and than you can take time off to write again. Your book is very important and I want to read it.”

For a few seconds I was speechless before that big smile came over me. She had rekindled my own “forbidden innocence”, the feminine part of me that JUST trusts that something good happens when I pay in-tention and ask for help, no matter how “bad” or “difficult” or “stuck” the circumstances. During the winter month my default pattern called “identification with survival instincts” had tightened my body and my spirit. In the midst of my crunching for time I had forgotten to ask for help; ask the universe to support me in my passion to bring forth this book on the recovery of feminine radiance!

With her abundant generosity and huge heart she had reminded me to remember my own. My dragging winter energy turned into a spring brook of curiosity, excitement and expectancy. I felt my desire to breath in spring air again, let life into my contracted cobweb core and let the warmths of much gratitude for my girlfriend flow and nourish me. This is how friends show up like angels reminding us of that very something beyond our western “1-2-3-think-tank-tightness”. Her unlimited nature reminded me to remember the natural feminine abundance of each moment.

I am asking for help now: I am gently stretching my body surrendering to life’s flow instead of holding on to my arrogant and limiting expectation for the “unbelievable” miracle while my trust in any positive change grew humble and SAUER with every new downturn in the world and the daily additions of “really important things” that need to be taken care of right NOW!

Thank you Goddess! No choice but to switch from thinking-scared-mind to feeling-abundantly-luscious-body. Come out of the dark grey frozen German forest! Now I am navigating the river of life again allowing the sunlight to soften my limbs and enlighten my luster. – with a whole body smile that gives me the knowing that I will get my book done.

What really matters to you?

Apple Sauce Recipe

Here is the Apple Sauce recipe that some of you asked for after my November NewsLetter. My mother cooks the apples with cinnamon, fresh vanilla, nutmeg, raisins soaked overnight in rum, walnuts, and another sip of Rum. I also add some cardamom and we do not let them cook all mushy, keep it chunky…. Guten Appetite!