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I dedicate myself to the Recovery of Pleasure for this New Year:
Pleasure in every form to energize my health, my relationships and my work.

To seduce You by Your Own pleasure I’ll offer delicious “Undercover Yoga” that I am developing throughout my book on Feminine Radiance.


But first let’s begin this ‘hidden’ journey into the Revival of our Senses by
Exploring the Stress Bat – Race Rat  

BatRat 09How many mornings do you awake tightening up immediately intruded by all the thoughts that come flying into your mind like bats returning home to their empty cavern at dawn?  Things you could hopefully and did deliciously release during your sleep.  But now they invade the sanctuary of your innocently expanded Self, just to dangle their shadows down from the ceiling inside your head occupying the otherwise blissfully clear space.

I have noticed in those precious moments juuuust between being still asleep and awake that none of these thought bats where there yet.  I am one with the total free flow of my em-bodied state.

Only during the following moments concepts ideas words and the old problems come bursting back into my head one by one. I used to think that that was me and I tightened automatically even before getting up.   Each morning the mind is successfully diverting our attention away from our sense of wholeness and the physical experience that we are actually only here, inside our spacious body and our cozy warm bed. 

Without this realization, stress that’s overshadowing our mind starts oozing into our body. Mental contraction leads to emotional and consequently physical tension. It thrusts aside and numbs our physical pleasure perception.  The rest of our day [and our New Year] we’re back glued to the old stress track rat race with everybody else.  Schwup-dee-vup!

Self-Compassion follows
The double Catch

For most of us body tension got chronic and can not just release over night.  A continual elevation of muscle tone causes our primal brain stem [our survival expert] to suspect looming danger.  Over time while trying to suppress the growing jeopardy of this self-perpetuating interior alarm mechanism we get really good at restricting our breathing.  Take a breath – More on this below and in February…

just Petals...?

Wake up to your senses; get unstuck from the rat race for your own life inspired by your passionate pleasure.

Undercover Yoga 1 – December’s Pleasure of Warmth 

You are just waking up. It’s cold and dark out there and your day is packed. –“Don’t jump out of bed – Simmer.”–  Robert Blythe[?]

How could the rest of your day unfold with a pleasurable sense of yourself?  Answer: You relax into it right here while you drink in the delicious warmth under your covers with a deep inhale.  Let every cell of your body lovingly expand to receive these nurturing and luscious feelings through all of your skin.

As your exhale expands notice how your body’s softening also relieves your mind.  Allow yourself luxuriously to sink into your warmth one more time. Drop into your pillows.  AAAHHHH! �
Look for a sense of release and expansion – a slight increase of sensation in your 3D body. MMMMMMMHHH!

Use your mind for noticing this loving kind of self-awareness more often and…you have left the rat race behind with a radiant smile.

Welcome! Welcome to Your Pleasure 2010

Join me each month in my Essential Undercover Explorations.

 Themes include:
Become an Exhaler
Schlappe Noodle Fun
Life Spirals
Touch for Pleasure
Ocean Motion in your Hips 

Happy New Year



Please! Whatever you do – Stay within the limits of pleasure. Make it simple and easy.

The author doesn’t take any responsibility for any possible consequences that might occur from your thoughts and actions.


Sabine Grandke-Taft

Embodiment Expert and Workshop Leader
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