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After several month of working on many other projects like my DVD- 20 Ways to please the Other, my whole new website, my new line of Signature Body/Bath and Massage Oils and facilitating a Pleasure Class for the 8 week Beauty Way Tele-Course I am back to offer more teachings and stories on Pleasure and how to nourish your pleasure-pig through the winter.

What better way to ease into the Holiday Season than to play with
deepening your pleasure. I took these idea’s from the
book that I am writing about “the Secret Power of Feminine
Pleasure”. I have to admit that these practices are written for
women, but that does not mean that you men can not have fun as
well and /or even deepen more with your partner through your
mutual enjoyment.

  • In the morning, set the stage for your pleasurable day – don’t jump out of bed – simmer – [see my Undercover Yoga Blogs].
  • Notice your breathing. Your awareness will ease and expand it without you having to do anything.
  • Play with sounding whenever you think of it, Humming, Uuuhing, Ahhing.  These good vibrations will gently bring harmony to each cell of your body.
  • Do the dishes or whatever you do and find the pleasure in it – allow your whole body to gently receive the sensations you find through all of your body senses; paying attention to details like feeling the soapy warm water that caress your skin, the slow movements of your hands and whole body softening your muscles and the gentle touches of the sponge or dish cloth.
  • The feminine is about horizontal! – at least put your legs up whenever you can.
  • Go for a walk and feel the Ocean Motion of your hips. Our body consists of 70-80% water. Imagine your inner lake is sloshing against your inner skin releasing tension, harmonizing and clearing your everywhere.
  • Regarding relationships [include the one with your own body] When we get too much into our heads, we just need to go for a walk and our conversation [or stuck-ness] begins to flow again and with deeper under-standing.
  • Wash off the energies of the day with the sacred ritual of water – take a shower when you come home and change into some wonderful clothe that underline your ease and comfort.
  • Caress your body with nourishing oil after your shower every day as if you are touching a baby or a lover; explore, get to know what quality of your touch feels best and where.
  • The energy releasing bath: ad 1 pound of baking soda and 1 pound of see salt for every 100 pounds of your body weight to your warm bath.  Stay for 15-20 min and let the water drain while you are still in the tub.  The lowering water table seems to draw even more negative energy out of your body.  Shower and oil your beautiful skin afterward.
  • Write down 10 experiences that were pleasurable each day – it’s a great anti-depressant, but also helps to gradually shift your mind from its habitual focus on the negative.

  • In general slow down – feel – allow something positive inside like a warm expansive sensation to become your priority and feature that into the world.

As you can see anything goes when it comes to finding pleasure during your day as long as you allow your bodies’ sensations to guide you.

You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves – Mary Oliver

I wish you all the best

Yours Sabine

with Gratitude and Bliss into 2011

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