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Blogging Body Bliss turns one year old.

Seems like it’s just beginning to walk…
My kitten also turning 1 caught her first not 1 but 2 mice today. Sorry for the mice, but
as promised let us celebrate ‘growing up’ to full pleasure with the

‘Nothing happening’ Meditation

What is between the inhale and the exhale? 

Make the famous U-Turn and allow your attention to focus inwards.

From the bottom of your exhale take your time and feel …

   –  nothing is the limit

nothing –

[In 1993 at my first daylong encounter with this question it took me hours of agonizing focus to even admit to my mind that nothing is what I was looking for]

Now I invite you to play with dropping into “nothing happening”, into the realm that IS between our constant doing [even if that’s only in- or ex-haling]. I invite you to hang out in the deliciocity of ‘space’, where you just areuntil your next inhale.

Your body’s ease and relaxation is re-membered as well as your minds peace-full-ness and overall wellbeing. It becomes ‘pleasure pure’ when you allow nothing to happen!

Notice your next inhale filling you, tipping over into the releasing exhale and than dive, fly, slide and evaporate again into nothing happening, the world between the worlds.

You can feel for and observe your whole body as it beats with your hearts pulse, a gurgle in your gut, the softening of shoulder tension, an internal releasing and sinking into your bones.  Your sense of the immediate space around you may change. That’s “all”.

After these few moments your next inhale will come cascading in naturally with fresh ease.

This is the ‘walking’ meditation of your waking workday, the box stop for your racing mind, the safe heaven in the dentist chair, the instant hammock vacation for your whole body.

When nothing becomes everything
Your curiosity about your deeper you and remembering this precious space at the bottom of each exhale allow you to enter into the freedom of sacred sanity of a human-being (in contrast to the up-tightening body of a human-doing that we, all to easily, try to squeeze ourselves into and be proud off).

In his book ‘A New World’ Eckhart Tolle was asked which one of all the self-improvement workshops a person should take.  He told them that taking a few conscious breaths every day would be better… and cheaper.

With a big smile and thank you for exhaling


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You ONLY have to let the soft animal of your body love what is loves
– Mary Oliver

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nothing …is the limit