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Since the early springtime I was invited to teach 2 workshops in New Zealand.

What a wonderful exciting intense work pleasure! The 9 month of planning and re-planning, organizing and promoting zoomed by like that jet that was going to get me there in just 13 hours.





 It was the 21st of September – that day I always remember… [- Rolling Stones]

On that Monday morning of my flight – All my bags are packed; I’m ready to go… [- John Denver] I finally got phone contact with the organizers in Kiwi Land. They still had nobody signed up for the weekends AND only 2 people who signed up for the free introductory evenings — I had been under the impression those had filled up…


Under new  im-pressions my bodies’ enthusiastic flow of achievement evaporated at the inhale. I experienced myself go physically through the Startle Reflex first phase [Ex-Tension]. I finally ex-haled ex-hausted [phase II, Languish] I closed my mouth – I sat down.


Now my mind desperately began trying to wrap itself around the Unexpected, the Impossible. Only my ‘old friends’ jetted in – self-judgment, failure, inadequacy…  Before they could take complete crippling control over the unusual beckoning void inside my head I also perceived  a new voice like a beam of life light – Self Compassion!  AAAAHHH!


“BUT what about my trip, the new country……..!” – My mind kept interfering  with notoriously agaonizing  disbelief.

I heard myself laughing– Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans… [- John Lennon]


The unbearable space of freedom dawned on me.
3 weeks of unscheduled time?!

This jolt in the plow line of my field of professional desire returned me to feel this present moment. I landed at the heart of life.

 10 min later I called back to cancel my trip.

There’s a crack in everything – that’s how the light gets in… [- Lenard Cohen]


Another few exhales later my mind integrated enough into my body, noticing space inside, feeling my feet on the ground and my whole spines’ smooth unwinding. I made another phone call.

Was it the September, my readiness, the crack, divine planning or all together? The Big Sur cabin where I have had the absolute pleasure last year to write on my book was available for a full 2 weeks! YEAH!










During the week I had left to get down there I released more illusions on running my life, relaxed, reconnected, repacked. I was also able to schedule just enough individual sessions and classes to earn exactly the amount for the cabin rent.


Only when I sat in the harvest moon bathed bathtub on the deck of my cabin in the Red Woods over the deep canyon I remembered how sometime during the busy frenzy of this summer I had wished for the money and time to write on my book this year.

“Be careful what you ask for!”









 I learned to trust the mystery of the river of life.


With smiles of gratitude




Please! Whatever you do – Stay within the limits of pleasure. Make it simple and easy.

The author doesn’t take any responsibility for any possible consequences that might occur from your thoughts and actions.


Sabine Grandke-Taft

Embodiment Expert and Workshop Leader

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