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Returning from the 15th Annual Pacific Women Circle Association Crescent Moon Retreat on Vancouver Island  []  I strongly  feel the need to keep writing about expanding our minds automatic association of the words “Pleasure” and “Touch” with Sex.

I feel the urgency to bring alertness to our painfully limited, and by the way hyper-masculine, one-way fantasies that put physical pleasure immediately into the sexual amphitheatre, as if that’s our only playground to enjoy touch sensually. ? Ouch!

In last months Blogging Body Bliss I mentioned our gender based brain differences biologically stirring men to link life’s experiences 2,5 times easier to sex. So why do women fall into that same cul-de-sac around ‘getting some’, or not?

I spend a full-blown pleasure week with 60 remarkable women, dancing, laughing, celebrating, teaching, singing, learning and trusting the mystery that unfolds in each moment because we were softening our bodies. Creating art on all levels with everything just because we did it with the awareness that comes from slowing down in the sacred circle we created. Even crying was received as pleasurable because women were releasing tensions, trusting one another enough to open, feeling held and safe enough; finding and releasing into serenity resting inside our bodies; allowing the warm and spacious container of the great-er mother to nurture us inside and out, all around.

On the opening night I offered a circle massage sequence; asking each woman to get really close to each other, do a ¼ turn and reach for the shoulders in front with soft paws. To my great sadness many of the women had not been physically touched and nurtured for sooo long, some for many years.

Bhutan, Paro Palast
The initial nervous giggles from our unusual closeness with touch quickly turned into sighs of release, purrrrrrs in delightful surrender and in the end swaying full body smiles.
From the lakeside the warm rays of the setting sun melted our tensions tangibly into the grass underneath our bare feet.

That cold-blooded grip of our fear of intimacy softened just enough to allow us to feel more freely and to begin to perceive our own humanness and with that each others divinity. Tired exhausted women felt energized, tense stressed-out women landed inside their bodies and released their suffering minds. Everyone relaxed those boundaries that we so tightly install inside and around ourselves in this unfriendly intimi-dating world of the survival of the fittest.

We began to date intimacy. We had entered a sacred space to trust the touch for another woman; a hug, a little massage, even a smile; we let it in stilling our feminine hunger for real connection. Giving and receiving touch at the same moment with 60 women let our awareness grown beyond any usual suspicion.
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Let you own awareness deepen with each experience. Notice how your body will flow naturally with more nurturing gentle and loving pleasure.

Free yourself from a male brain anatomy imposed stereotype of perception and invite men into the endless space of your whole body deliciocity.
With a smile

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Please! Whatever you do – Stay within the limits of pleasure. Make it simple and easy.

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