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Whole Body Contemplations on the most Important Experience of Your Life


I am a “Pleasure Pig”! Can you relate?

Pigs love to play in the soft warm mud – That I found out very young around the little pond in the meadow below our weekend cottage to the great dismay of my already sensitized mother who constantly changed my ‘ruined’ clothe before she gave in and let me take them off altogether. Finally – freedom and total pleasure for me! Yeeepeeeeeeee!

Pleasure Pig 2 

In my twenties I specialized in Child Development and Sensory Integration [SI] and worked with babies and kids. Then the mud turned into thick heavy Nivea Cream, warm water, cushy plastic mats, and lots of towels to clean up the wonderful mess.


Imagine you smear cream all over your body and swish down a warm water slide. Oozing and squirming, spiraling your body smoothly and with total ease in the goop —- may be later after you read more on how life changing that can be?

Judith 87

Today I help adults re-discover their ability to feel, receive, integrate and give nonsexual pleasure on all levels. Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!


Women’s Pleasure Perception is different!

Dr. Louann Brizendine’s book The Female Brain scientifically clarifies what women noticed all along: Compared to a male brain [with 2 ½ times more cells for sex drive and larger centers for action / aggression] a female brain has 11% more neurons for language and hearing, a larger hub for emotion, memory and greater ability to read peoples’ cues. – We have a brain whose primary values are communication, emotional sensitivity, memory, connection and responsiveness. 

You knew it! Our biological brain allows women greater capacity to feel sensations sensually and with our whole body.

You may also sense it is high time to stop “denying the influence of biology.” – I take the pleasure to invite our innate human animal [and consequently our partner’s] to enjoy pleasure at its Whole-Body-Deliciocity-BEST.

Women’s bodies are wholly sense based – I am not talking about the fun we can have with science, politics and business – Here I am guiding thatmind into your physical receptivity /sense-ability /sens-orality.

Uuups my PC says “no no” to the word orality and suggests – morality…great isn’t it? – Exactly! Our growing body-phobia is our core agony roboterizing the world.


 Pleasure means Sex [?]

Results are sickening divorce rates and healthy drug sales for depression. We overeat to fill our gaping vacuums hungry for real communication. Pleasure-deprivation usher us into the fangs of a masculinly sexualized industry selling ‘pleasure’ from anti-ageing, to fitness [get hard – stay hard] and out fits ‘that turn heads’, to S/m workshops and rich man’s online dating.

 Existential fear has women and men’s masculine energy run for sex, aggression and action. Stop!

Feel – find connection and pleasure inside the depth of your senses in this moment. 

“You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves” – Mary Oliver  

Find your Pleasure of Expectancy until the next Blogging Body Bliss

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Please! Whatever you do – Stay within the limits of pleasure. Make it simple and easy.

The author doesn’t take any responsibility for any possible consequences that might occur from your thoughts and actions.


Sabine Grandke-Taft

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