Hello Dear Radiant Being


I wish you to fully enjoy the summer of 2008 [or winter, if you live on the other side of the equator]. Here is this season’s newsletter contents:

  1. 20 min Video is up!!!!!!!
  2. Return to the cabin
  3. 50-50 party
  4. Gina Ogden’s new book

The Launching of my 20 min Video!!!!!!!

Thanks to Della Heywood my infinitely inspiring interviewer, clever camera chick and wonderful web wizard, I am thankfully thrilled to announce my first video interview. I invite you watch it on my home page and hear more about the process on writing my book.

Watch my video interview >>

And as if all those cool talents weren’t enough, Della is a spiritual artist too! This is the painting she gave me on my birthday, painted as a prayer for all women everywhere… to see more, visit her website here.

Return to the Cabin

More teachings from writing- my editor said this is the book she’s been waiting for since the 80s!!!!

Interestingly I don’t seem to be able to create a quiet enough space for me to write on How to Recover our Feminine Radiance while I am here at home running the household, my office, teaching my classes and working with my clients.

Coulda known bedder, but of course that’s exactly what I am writing about.

You might have already noticed how difficult it is for your self to get in touch with your deeper and whole self that is buried underneath our keeping-it-all-together-tension patterns.

The more “masculine” mental action of sensibly writing about ‘Living Connected to the Bliss of Our Bodies in the Midst of Anything’ still needs me to retreat into a “safe” nest in full feminine nature where I can uninterruptedly explore how we all can re-member our body’s natural radiance in the moments of our daily life.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to go back to the cabin at the end of October, since the huge Big Sur Fire spared the cabin.

50 – 50 Party

There is life after 50! I can relaxedly assure you.

The 50 50 birthday party that I shared with my friend Lésa was lovingly organized by our husbands and friends.

This celebration launched me into a new space of inner space, trusting, letting go and curious awareness, it just gets better and better….!

Dr. Gina Ogden’s New Book

I am excited to bring your attention to my dear colleague and mentor Dr. Gina Ogden and yet another wonderful book she has written: The Return of Desire: A Guide to Rediscovering Your Sexual Passion. To see the book and receive special gifts on Tuesday, July 15th (today!) click here www.ginaogden.com/promo

Dr. Gina has another special offer for you:

“In gratitude to the hundreds of graduates of ISIS weekends, and because I want to see how you are transforming this profound work, I offer to discount the fee for you to attend the 2008 August 15-17 Kripalu gathering if you contact me personally by July 31.

Write me at “offer[at]GinaOgden.com”

I got to read this book still hot from the press this weekend and as always Gina expands my perspective and gives me such a place of feeling wholly embraced as a woman. Her 360 degree insight and wisdom also bring a good spark into my marriage. Gina noted one of my excersises in the chapter on “Treating yourself like Royalty…” how appropriate… and thank you Gina!

… and that is my July Newsletter!

Come for one of my Summer Special Tune-Ups, and keep in touch. I am looking forward to connecting with you!

with love and light,