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No Mess Sensual Caress is specially designed to delight your senses. Invite your ancient senses. This aromatic oil was designed for giving and receiving massage and sensual play. Experience a relaxing, uplifting, skin soothing and enticing paradise with the Fine Fragrance oils of Jasmine and Dark Musk.

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Sabine’s Signature Essentials are natural and pure, water-soluble Body, Bath and Massage Oils. I created these mélanges as sensual moisturizers for your private delight and for use at the massage office. They wash out easily and will leave no mess in tubs or on linens, hair or body. Be charmed by the tempting scents of Sabine’s Signature oils and use them daily when you receive and give loving touch to highlight your Radiant Embodiment.

Product Features
Sabine’s Pure Essentials are Gluten Free products and produced in small batches to ensure freshness and potency.
•       Each bottle contains a blend of natural ingredients and essential oils or fine fragrance.
•       Contaminant-free, fully absorbent, water-soluble and nourishing for the skin
•       No alcohol products used
•       No animal ingredients or testing use

No Mess Sensual Caress
Is a specially designed aromatic Body, Bath and Massage Oil to delight your senses. Envelop yourself in the pure oils and fine fragrances that soften and nourish your skin while calming your body and mind. Deepen your sens-ability by inviting your ancient senses. This aromatic oil was designed by Sabine for giving and receiving touch, massage and sensual play. You also receive these benefits in your bath or after showering. This oil mélange will leave no mess as it is uniquely water-soluble through a coconut emulsifier. Experience a relaxing, uplifting, skin soothing and enticing paradise in this lush caress of Sabine’s Signature Essentials with the Fine Fragrance oils of Jasmine and Dark Musk.

Ingredient List:
Pure Expeller pressed Hioliec Safflower, Grape-seed, Almond, Sesame, and Avocado Oils, Natural Vitamin E, PEG 4 Monolaurate (a coconut skin emulsifier) Fine Fragrances of Jasmine and Dark Musk oils.

Jasmine’s sweet floral seduction is calming and sedative as well as an aphrodisiac and sexual stimulant; it’s uplifting and enhances attractiveness and confidence, helps with apathy and mood swings, PMS and resentment; it’s an antidepressant and antimicrobial, anti-infectious and soothes dry skin; it relieves pain and supports the body when exhausted for greater peacefulness and sensuality.

Dark Musk – ‘the Empress of Olfaction’, has been known for thousands of years as an aphrodisiac from the countries of the Himalayan region. Invite your partner into the sensual realm of paradise. Its wondrous mystery has the unique most complex and musky aroma of earth and wood, between animal and fruit or the skin of a baby. It enhances the synergy of our human animal. Since the endangered male musk deer has been protected almost all musk is created out of plants and secretion of other animals or synthetically. Musk is an enhancer and stabilizer of all other aromas and is/was used widely in perfumes, soaps and even candy for that reason.