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This 40-minute CD will teach you how to gain energy and achieve ecstasy through breath and movement. Breath gives life to your body, to your soul, and can enhance the ecstasy in your Being. Opening your physical body is the key. As you practice, we will be using breathing techniques as the vehicle to open your core and deepen your inner container….A joyful reconnection.
Breath Energy Ecstasy Beginners CD

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I have done your two CD’s on Breath, Energy and Ecstasy. The Beginner is great to relax and get in touch with one’s body
But the Advanced is Awesome: I went wild!

My colorist artist self exploded with energy and it was like a bright yellow multi-colored sun that burst that went out into the universe. My words were
God Jesus Karen All One. The power and energy were incredible.

Dust must have gotten on my CD because I did not finish all the breath work. I need to mention that when I started my mid back was very achey. Some of the work made that cramp I get appear under my right scapula. Once the session was completed my back felt so much better.

I am in gratitude to you for the beautiful work you do. It is such a gift to others. You are the Radiant Embodiment. Thank you for being in my life.

The best to You,
Karen Bertha Evans Calderon