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1. 20 WAYS TO PLEASE THE OTHER: Foot Massage for Family, Friends & Intimate Partners

NEW DVD! Sabine Grandke-Taft demonstrates an amazingly effective Foot Massage in her Symphonic Touch DVD series.
Over 45 minutes of quality how-to demonstration to aid beginners and advanced users alike. First in her series and includes the Famous Roadside Quickie.

Now you can experience relaxation, pleasure & connection by learning Symphonic Touch® Foot Massage and be able to see The Famous Roadside Quickie for the first time alive on video. Sabine teaches you how to invite your partner, friend or family member to a blissful time of Symphonic Touch. Learn Symphonic Touch and connect deeper. Find the touch to bringing your body and spirit together with your partners.


20 Ways to Please the Other Booklet
Extended information on Techniques and Steps for the Radiant Embodiment DVD – The Famous Roadside Quickie and The Symphonic Touch® Foot Massage

This booklet was created to nourish the interested viewer of my DVD. You will find in-depth descriptions and details on the techniques and background of The Famous Roadside Quickie and The Symphonic Touch® Foot Massage as well as the philosophy behind Symphonic Touch®. I included color drawings, photos and diagrams. Being more familiar with these details will allow you even more ease and pleasure with your own symphonic touch.

3. SABINE’S SIGNATURE ESSENTIALS – Water-soluble Body, Bath and Massage Oils

NEW Oils! Warm Caress and Sensual Caress – give your touch the special flow

Sabine’s Signature Essentials are natural and pure, water-soluble Body, Bath and Massage Oils. I created these mélanges as sensual moisturizers for your private delight and for use at the massage office. They wash out easily and will leave no mess in tubs or on linens, hair or body. Be charmed by the tempting scents of Sabine’s Signature oils and use them daily when you receive and give loving touch and highlight your Radiant Embodiment.


for your total massage pleasure at home.
Receive the Foot Massage DVD + either bottle of Sabine’s Signature Oils and save an extra $4


NEW MP3 Sabine’s new course takes an in-depth look at Pleasure in our life, what went wrong and how we women can reconnect to its unseen power. In our hyper-masculine Western world, we desperately need to rediscover our bodies and the pleasure that is inherent in them. Sabine takes you into pleasure practices and asks journal questions that show you how to deeply connect with your sensuality and experience pleasure in every moment. Yum!

· Learn ways to find instant pleasure that costs nothing and changes your life.
· Understand how your own pleasure is your most powerful feminine gift to yourself and the world.
· Feel how you can turn your life around by finding the pleasure you want inside.
· Reconnect to your sensual awareness the prerequisite for a fulfilling sexuality.

A 90 min MP3 Download from The Beauty Way Course of the Shift Network and
Devaa Hayley Mitchell (Host)

6. Sabine’s BREATH ENERGY ECSTASY Courses as CDs and as MP3 downloads.

In this amazing series of BREATH ENERGY ECSTASY, BEGINNERS and ADVANCED courses you will have the opportunity to explore, loosen and enliven your body for the first time at home with Sabine’s voice guiding you with lots of fun. Wild and gently you will connect to your natural animal body with breath, movement and sound. This is the best way to begin your day, awaken your life energy and to open your heart.

Pleasure Pack with Printed Manual

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Pleasure Pack with a downloadable Manual

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No Mess Sensual Caress

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