Manifesting Dreams with Numerology

Posted by admin on November 29th, 2009

A theme of this 11.2009 letter is unfolding around money and how we can manifest our dreams with the support of numerology.

TODAY, November 29th (2+9=11), we are experiencing the rare numerological phenomenon of 11-11-11 for the second time this month.

“11” is the Master Number that opens the doors of awareness and opportunity for the energies of Creation at all levels. 2009 (2+0+0+9=11) carries this vibration throughout the year; according to Andrea Hess’ newsletter.

Here is what happened on the financial side for me:

I was able to get the assessors office to adjust our property value so next year we will save money on taxes! I also found out that some homeowners Insurance give credit if you have a burgler and fire alarm system installed. We recieved a refund check over more than $800 for the past 6 years!

I am excited and grateful about this ‘celestial’ boost and hope that alerting you will spurt your manifestation as well.

AND it is never to late to invite more positive experiences!

My favorite Autumn Poem

Herbsttag – 1902 by Rainer Maria Rilke

I put it here in German. The translation did not resonate as much. Reciting it 1989 at the Esalen Institute helped me fall in love with my mother tongue for the first time.

Herr: es ist Zeit.

Der Sommer war sehr groß.

Leg deinen Schatten auf die Sonnenuhren, und auf den Fluren

laß die Winde los.

Befiehl den letzten Früchten voll zu sein;

gieb innen noch zwei südlichere Tage,

dränge sie zur Vollendung hin und jage

die letzte Süße in den schweren Wein.

Wer jetzt kein Haus hat, baut sich keines mehr.

Wer jetzt allein ist, wird es lange bleiben,

wird wachen, lesen, lange Briefe schreiben

und wird in den Alleen hin und her unruhig wandern,

wenn die Blätter treiben.

you can listen here

A Womyn is a Mystery that can guide the Wise and open Men

- Rumi

“To ask you bluntly: How different do you think the world would be if our mind set on overdrive [masculine] could cool down enough to realize IT has an amazingly real physical body? Female or Male, your really amazing and ever changing [feminine] body carries your mind around to experience our world more wholly…

Read on

Bertha’s Budget Makes Cents

“It’s all about Money Honey”

As a sweet little gift for you, your family and friends I highly recommend Karen Bertha Evans Caldrons’ book on how to save money. Karen is my friend, client and a WOOP member and has written, illustrated and self-published this most enjoyable piece of art. It’s a $9.95 investment you can appreciate. Her paintings are inspirations. To find out more go to her website.

A Story of Remembering to Remember

Posted by admin on April 13th, 2009

It’s Him!

A poem by Eduard Mörike: 1804-1875

Spring displays His ribbon blue
fluttering through air’s expanses,
sweet aromas over fences
touch with hope the lands anew.
Violet still dreams,
dreams of soon appearing.
Hark! the sounds of distant harps, it seems!
Yes, my Spring, it’s You!
You I have been hearing!

A Story of Remembering to Remember

A Canadian girlfriend left a message on my phone that she had great news for me. I was excited and very curious, but it took 3 weeks for us to talk because of our busyness. We joyfully reconnected and after sharing all our winter experiences and big summer plans for women’s camps in Canada she asked about the coming of my book. Not such a great theme for me these days. Since my last cabin retreat in November I had not found any – and I really mean it – no time to include writing my book into my life. In November I already knew that I did not know how to create that extra time and only a very suspicious part of me tried to be convinced that writing would happen anyways.

My friends soft voice sounded very far away as I heard her come through the receiver: “Oh, don’t worry Sabine, I have created the “Women’s Natural Wealth Returning…and you are on my list. I will send you a check over $13,000 as soon as I get the funds from the universe and than you can take time off to write again. Your book is very important and I want to read it.”

For a few seconds I was speechless before that big smile came over me. She had rekindled my own “forbidden innocence”, the feminine part of me that JUST trusts that something good happens when I pay in-tention and ask for help, no matter how “bad” or “difficult” or “stuck” the circumstances. During the winter month my default pattern called “identification with survival instincts” had tightened my body and my spirit. In the midst of my crunching for time I had forgotten to ask for help; ask the universe to support me in my passion to bring forth this book on the recovery of feminine radiance!

With her abundant generosity and huge heart she had reminded me to remember my own. My dragging winter energy turned into a spring brook of curiosity, excitement and expectancy. I felt my desire to breath in spring air again, let life into my contracted cobweb core and let the warmths of much gratitude for my girlfriend flow and nourish me. This is how friends show up like angels reminding us of that very something beyond our western “1-2-3-think-tank-tightness”. Her unlimited nature reminded me to remember the natural feminine abundance of each moment.

I am asking for help now: I am gently stretching my body surrendering to life’s flow instead of holding on to my arrogant and limiting expectation for the “unbelievable” miracle while my trust in any positive change grew humble and SAUER with every new downturn in the world and the daily additions of “really important things” that need to be taken care of right NOW!

Thank you Goddess! No choice but to switch from thinking-scared-mind to feeling-abundantly-luscious-body. Come out of the dark grey frozen German forest! Now I am navigating the river of life again allowing the sunlight to soften my limbs and enlighten my luster. – with a whole body smile that gives me the knowing that I will get my book done.

What really matters to you?

Apple Sauce Recipe

Here is the Apple Sauce recipe that some of you asked for after my November NewsLetter. My mother cooks the apples with cinnamon, fresh vanilla, nutmeg, raisins soaked overnight in rum, walnuts, and another sip of Rum. I also add some cardamom and we do not let them cook all mushy, keep it chunky…. Guten Appetite!

Cabin Teachings

Posted by admin on November 11th, 2008

Hello Dear Radiant Being,

I am writing to you with this sensual and wild autumn all around I felt very inspired to include some of the photos I took while cooking  my mothers “delicious” apple sauce … Of course, this only works with the neighbor’s apples…

I invite you to read on:

Topics in this Issue:

  1. 20 min Video is up!
  2. Body Communion
  3. Invitation from the Academy of Self-Knowledge
  4. Cabin Teachings

The Launching of my 20 minute Video!!

If you have not looked at it please do – a friend just told me today it inspired her and her new husband to some amazing sex!

Watch my video interview >>

Body Communion in Holland

Dec. 6 and 7, 2008

This workshop has deeply inspired and enabled Men and Women to go beyond old fear and numbness that constricts their availability for true intimacy. I have found that the key to open the often unrecognized limitations of our mind is our ability to sense and feel the clear presence of our physical body. Communion is ‘Being in Unity’. To live real Body Communion with ourselves is an art form in our daily world. We have had to numb our sense-ability to protect our vulnerability so much that it is difficult to attract an appropriate partner or to reach our partners heart and Being. In this Workshop I invite you with love and laughter to experience your body, expand and relax into your real core and learn the most nurturing Symphonic Touch® Sequence.

When asked how I discovered this new path of teaching nurturing body contact to men and women instead of sexual practices I replied: Working with babies for many years I realized that joy and curiosity develop naturally when babies are experiencing bodily pleasure. This happens long before puberty and sexual energy takes over this purely sensual exploration of our blissful aliveness. As adults our relationships often lack this piece of nonsexual nurturing fulfillment and therefore we lose our sense of connection and trust to yourselves and our partners.

Over the last 25 years, I have designed and developed Symphonic Touch®, an Integrative Movement Massage Process, which gently creates physical wellbeing and the awareness of the connections in our body. I believe that learning to use these unique and very nurturing Touch and Movement Sequences will give us a chance to soften our blocks, open and receive pleasure.

Feminine Radiance is the natural expression of your body’s relaxed pleasure in every moment. I believe that woman have had to learn to compromise their pleasure and cope with a ‘hyper-masculine’ world, that requires us to animate too much of our masculine force and ability to function, to survive, hold and heal the world. I feel this is not at all healthy for women’s bodies and for what we want in our intimate relationships.

For those same reasons MEN have had their own difficulty to enjoy their natural embodiment of masculine presence and clarity, which can only be trusted with an awake and sensible bodily consciousness. I have seen that the Touch and Movement Sequences you will learn in this workshops can be continuously practiced with your partner to open each others bodies and hearts gently for your deeply satisfying Communion and how they provide the prerequisite for great sex.

The International Academy of Self Knowledge

The Academy of Self -Knowledge (IASK)has just released a FREE Transformational Webinar that I think you will enjoy. Their President and Founder Libby Adams is a long time friend of mine. Libby is a brilliant woman and I can only recommend her great work [over the phone] as long as you can not have my hands on you directly…

The webinar will assist you to discover what’s been preventing you from achieving the wealth, peace of mind, spiritual connection, relationships and health you desire… and learn HOW TO OVERCOME IT!!

You can access this Webinar for FREE by going to the IASK website and completing your information and you’ll receive instant access to the Transformational Webinar.

Let me know what you think!

Cabin Teachings

“A blessing is not something that one person gives another. A blessing is a moment of meeting… in which people involved remember and acknowledge their true nature and worth, and strengthen what is whole in one another.” –

Rachel Remen

You probably have also held your breath and felt your un-eased gut while the US Citizens were making their decision on the new president. So much for us and the world depends on it. Now, a new era has begun. The way President Obama held his speech last night already showed a different side of America.

Now it is time to focus on our body again to find the strength we need for our future. Breathing well is the key.

In this remote place it is easier to keep breathing.

Still, this time it took me a full week to slow down enough and feel more ease excitement and inspiration to start writing on my book.

The forest with its sounds of the animals, running creeks, the crisp wind and falling lusciously colored leaves; the deeply relaxing smells of the trees and the earth and the ever changing shadows and lights are seducing and guiding my attention back home into my body. I feel blessed that I can experience this abundance of nature and feel safe at this particular time in the world. I am being invited to listen and hear deeper than pleasure and fear. Especially when the first storms are coming in and my little cabin seems to turn into an old wooden bark sailing through the trees gnarling and squeaking until my trust is shaken that we will make it whole through the night.

This is when I remembered that I have a body.

I remembered to make the famous U-turn. I let the crazy world outside and in my head step into the background. I began to listen inward. I allowed my rattled nerves to feel into my sense of home and warmth and space inside my body. My exhales got longer. My inhales had space. I welcomed my softening and than I got even curious about how “bad” it would really get out there and with a smile I was able to sleep.

I expect that our challenged world uses this crisis as the opportunity to begin to listen to everyone. No one can exclude themselves any longer from the ground of constructive committed communication.

It is not enough to trust in ourselves – we need to find trust in life.

There is Life After 50

Posted by admin on July 5th, 2008

Hello Dear Radiant Being


I wish you to fully enjoy the summer of 2008 [or winter, if you live on the other side of the equator]. Here is this season’s newsletter contents:

  1. 20 min Video is up!!!!!!!
  2. Return to the cabin
  3. 50-50 party
  4. Gina Ogden’s new book

The Launching of my 20 min Video!!!!!!!

Thanks to Della Heywood my infinitely inspiring interviewer, clever camera chick and wonderful web wizard, I am thankfully thrilled to announce my first video interview. I invite you watch it on my home page and hear more about the process on writing my book.

Watch my video interview >>

And as if all those cool talents weren’t enough, Della is a spiritual artist too! This is the painting she gave me on my birthday, painted as a prayer for all women everywhere… to see more, visit her website here.

Return to the Cabin

More teachings from writing- my editor said this is the book she’s been waiting for since the 80s!!!!

Interestingly I don’t seem to be able to create a quiet enough space for me to write on How to Recover our Feminine Radiance while I am here at home running the household, my office, teaching my classes and working with my clients.

Coulda known bedder, but of course that’s exactly what I am writing about.

You might have already noticed how difficult it is for your self to get in touch with your deeper and whole self that is buried underneath our keeping-it-all-together-tension patterns.

The more “masculine” mental action of sensibly writing about ‘Living Connected to the Bliss of Our Bodies in the Midst of Anything’ still needs me to retreat into a “safe” nest in full feminine nature where I can uninterruptedly explore how we all can re-member our body’s natural radiance in the moments of our daily life.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to go back to the cabin at the end of October, since the huge Big Sur Fire spared the cabin.

50 – 50 Party

There is life after 50! I can relaxedly assure you.

The 50 50 birthday party that I shared with my friend Lésa was lovingly organized by our husbands and friends.

This celebration launched me into a new space of inner space, trusting, letting go and curious awareness, it just gets better and better….!

Dr. Gina Ogden’s New Book

I am excited to bring your attention to my dear colleague and mentor Dr. Gina Ogden and yet another wonderful book she has written: The Return of Desire: A Guide to Rediscovering Your Sexual Passion. To see the book and receive special gifts on Tuesday, July 15th (today!) click here

Dr. Gina has another special offer for you:

“In gratitude to the hundreds of graduates of ISIS weekends, and because I want to see how you are transforming this profound work, I offer to discount the fee for you to attend the 2008 August 15-17 Kripalu gathering if you contact me personally by July 31.

Write me at “offer[at]”

I got to read this book still hot from the press this weekend and as always Gina expands my perspective and gives me such a place of feeling wholly embraced as a woman. Her 360 degree insight and wisdom also bring a good spark into my marriage. Gina noted one of my excersises in the chapter on “Treating yourself like Royalty…” how appropriate… and thank you Gina!

… and that is my July Newsletter!

Come for one of my Summer Special Tune-Ups, and keep in touch. I am looking forward to connecting with you!

with love and light,


The Power Lies in the Stillness

Posted by admin on May 3rd, 2008

Welcome to You!

Here are the topics you will enjoy reading in this issue:

  1. The Gift of your Breath
  2. Dreams and Spirit – Workshop
  3. The Power Lies in the Stillness
  4. Turning 50!?

Breathe While You Read

Thank you for taking the time  – here is a gift you can give to yourself while you read:

Notice your breathing right now –

in-out, expanding-relaxing, pausing, different areas of your chest, back and belly –

under your arm pits? Just notice –

the quality and motion -you do not have to change it. And how is your mood at this moment?

Dreams and Spirit Workshop

It’s high time to announce the 1-day Women’s workshop on your Dreams and Spirit on May 31st here at my house in San Rafael to you please have a look in the left column.

I was honored to be one of the women presenters for the annual Women of Wisdom Conference in February 2008 in Seattle.

I got very inspired to the theme of Women’s Dreams and Spirit. Knowing me, you’d understand how this conference theme made me feel and sense into my body and how these mental concepts physically show up in my feminine reality. The class I taught in Seattle was a great success and the pleasurable recovery and full embodiment of a woman’s dreams and her spirit are what I offer now as a full day exploration here in the private space of my house and garden. Welcome!

How do you experience your breathing now? Any changes? Just notice. Is it slower? Look for any bit of ease and focus on those places.

The Power Lies in the Stillness

My three weeks alone in the Big Sur Redwoods proved exactly this on all levels. I had a completely blissful and amazingly new and continuing experience of my Self in time and space without a watch or mirrors, but a bathtub on the deck. My gratitude for this special time is immense.

I’d like to add the quality of Calmness here. Stillness often highlights a special momentary experience when everything around us seems to exhale and pause before inhaling again, or when we can bring our deepest meditation into this moment. Calmness is a more involved and lively state of Being when we can stay relaxed in the midst of the storm –  and YES this is where our Essential Power lies!

I was able to double the pages of my book in total joy and ease. Now I am back home, working a lot and still I find my body vibrating at this level of calm power that I noticed after about two weeks in the cabin.

As you sense your breathing now, look for places in your body that move with less effort, more ease. Drink in the pleasure. How is your mood now?

Turning 50

Turning what???!! — Turns out to be just wonderful. A great experience and a curious You-Turn Adventure too.

I just LOVE to have this deeper sense of my [whole] Self. With the least amount of effort I am simply respecting and honoring myself more than ever! After all this life I have usually been there and done it all to the max. My hunger for life has shifted inward to a much more subtle and magical universe of my sensual body and spirit. This allows me to feel more and more time to BE FREE without having to prove it.

Ah! It’s THAT space [at the end of my exhalation] that I was really looking for all these years.

I imagine you can feel what I am talking about just because you are a woman, breathing, softening as you notice the Secret: I do not have to work my breath – Life is breathing me all the time.

After feeling your breathing motions and sensing the quality changing, do you feel differently now?

“Softer, Safer, Real and Irresistible!”

A completely natural SSRI!!

Please, send me an email and share your experiences with this! I would love to hear all about it.

Always deepening in all ways:

Gratitude, Understanding, Compassion, Self-Forgiveness, Softness, Pleasure Pigging, Love, Intimacy, Sexuality, Calmness, Joy, Release, Fun and ever more inclusive Embodiment.

Now THAT’S Feminine Spirit Alive!

With a big smile,


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