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a monthly story to In-Spire you into your beautiful Body
April: On Breathing your Own Life
May: The SERIOUS Deliciocity of Foot Pleasuring
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Are you looking for Your Self?
Are you longing for a deep, lasting relationship?
Feeling tired and burned-out?
Can’t remember the last time you felt real pleasure?
Come home to the love in your own body.

Many of us experience relationship problems because we have disconnected our hearts from our bodies, and closed down in order to avoid more emotional pain. By softening into the sensual pleasure and natural relaxation of the feminine inside your body, you can experience your unique union between your body and spirit. Your mind and emotions will follow with a smile.

My name is Sabine Grandke-Taft; Embodiment is my expertise. My purpose is to help you reconnect to the aliveness and spirit of your body.

  • Dissolve stress and tension by allowing yourself to relax and feel pleasure.
  • Rediscover your body’s ability to heal.
  • Attract and keep your appropriate partner by bringing your whole self to the relationship.

In my Radiant Embodiment Workshops, I use hands-on methods from massage, Feldenkrais and Somatic Experiencing therapies to help you get out of your head and into the natural sensuality of your body. Movement and awareness of your breath can bring you out of fear and into the Now. Learn to share touch with a partner for relaxation and nourishment as the foundation for joy, equanimity, compassion and intimacy.

In my Individual Sessions, I use Symphonic Touch® Movement Massage to open and move you through mental, physical, and emotional closures. This holistic healing touch and movement process honors the body as the source of all human experience.

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New Launch

We are pround to announce the launching of a new site for Sabine’s Signature Essentials: Sabine’s Sensuals Please find them at and also shop for other wonderful Body Bath and Massage oils.

Workshop for Japanese

Sabine will be teaching in Atlanta in August 11-16

This is the Garry Bonnell Japan staff blog

Three teachers, a healer, a shaman and a channeler take you to a spiritual journey to heal yourself, purify your energy and connect to your spirit guide.

1. Healing Power of Pleasure by Sabine

Nowadays we’re living in a hyper masculine world. Sometimes we struggle to survive in our lives. Rediscover your body and feel the sense of home and self. This workshop aims to balance and explore the presence of femininity and masculine, change the response which is patterned in your life and heal the sense of closure. Open your body and mind and receive the gift in your relationship and live.

2. Shamanic Healing by Carlos Sauer

Carlos works with his spiritual helper and guide. Extract and remove intrusive energies through breathing techniques combined with a sucking process that aids in eradicating unwanted energies. This workshop helps to release energy blockages, bringing a sense of peace and centering to the being in a process that facilitates the reconnection with the power and wisdom of the life force within

3. Channeling workshop by Jamie Butler

Why am I here? Why this happened? We sometimes have this question in our lives.

How much are we honest to ourselves? Discover how much you hold back from yourself and filter what your guides/angel are saying to you. We are helped and led all the time by invisible beings since we were born. This workshop teaches how to know your guide and connect them each moment of your life. That makes your life easier and live your life as true of you. Connecting to the guide deeply, our life will change to the life to” live myself ”.

Sabine has developed her Signature line of Body, Bath and Massage Oils.
Get a free 1 oz. Sample of Sensual Caress and Warm Caress. Just pay for shipping!